Biden’s base-building budget fell to $1.7 trillion, Republicans and the White House have a “major disagreement” refused

U.S. President Joe Biden proposed an ambitious infrastructure bill has changed; the White House announced on the afternoon of the 21st, the size of the infrastructure bill was reduced by about a quarter to $1.7 trillion, mainly to cut investment in broadband, roads and bridges, but Republican senators still expressed disappointment with the revised version, revealing that there are still “significant differences” with the White House after the consultation “.

White House spokeswoman Sharkey said the proposal showed the White House’s willingness to revise the size of the bill’s attitude. However, after about an hour of consultation, the Republican side quickly rejected the White House’s just-announced proposal, saying the revised funding was still “too far over the range” to gain cross-party support.

The Biden administration’s latest proposal removes $550 billion from the original bill, including a reduction in the broadband network case from $100 billion to $65 billion.