Alain Delon, the handsome French college student who was addicted to drugs for four years, kicked the habit overnight?

What made a young man who had been addicted to drugs for four years quit his addiction overnight? What made him regain the joy of life and the meaning of life? Axel Tantin, a 21-year-old French university student, gives his answer.

Axel Tantin, 21, is currently a French university student and has been practicing Falun Dafa for almost four years.

Axel Tantin, a French university student: “When I practiced out of curiosity, I felt filled up inside. I always felt that something important was missing in my life, but after I started practicing Falun Dafa, when I wanted to assimilate the values of truth, goodness and tolerance, I really understood that this is the meaning of life and that I should improve myself. “

Practicing Falun Dafa has not only made Axel Tantin friendlier and more selfless, but it has also helped him stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Axel Tantin, a French university student: “A lot of things in my life have changed since then. I am less aggressive, less selfish, and I am able to listen to others and not insist on my own opinions instead of understanding them. I also quit drinking and drugs, the vices I used to be involved in, and violence, and I stayed away from them.”

After practicing Falun Dafa for four years, he was able to kick his drug addiction overnight.

Axel Tantin, French university student: “I had been using drugs for four years, and during that time I kept trying to quit, but I never did. One day, I asked Master in my heart to help me, for the first time with all my heart. At that very moment, I really felt a change in my body, including my mental state. From that day on, my consciousness became clear, and overnight I gave up drugs, I was completely free of addiction, and I felt truly liberated. When I realized the next day that the addiction was gone, I thought to myself, “So there really is a miracle, Master has helped me, and this is the way I should go.”

Despite his youthful years, Axel was pessimistic about life before his practice.

Axel Tantin, French university student: “I used to be very pessimistic, I thought I knew what was good in life, but everything in my eyes, I thought: it is good now but tomorrow it might be ruined by bad people, I actually withdrew all the goodness and made myself cold, feeling that there was nothing to look forward to in order not to be disappointed. After the practice, I realized that beauty is all around us, and that we can find it if we look. Since then, I’ve felt much better.”

Axel Tantin, French university student: “Now my life is completely different, before I was so sure that I would never be happy, that no matter what I do, I can’t get better, and now my thinking has completely changed, I know that if I am willing to assimilate the value of beauty I can ascend and be a good person and have joy and happiness. “

Now the happy Axel wants to use his personal experience to tell those young people who are still deeply confused to improve themselves and to be a good person, so that life will be happy and meaningful.

Axel Tantin, a French university student: “The young people around me today, the group I used to belong to, think that money, sex, violence, these are the meaning of life, but really, I think it is these that make life meaningless, and if we can introspect ourselves, fix ourselves, follow the right values, we can realize what happiness is, real joy, not just entertainment for pleasure.”