The Chinese Communist Party concealed the epidemic and created a new word, Shandong “weakly positive nucleic acid personnel” on the hot search

The Chinese Communist Party has not only concealed the number of infections and deaths, but also created “synonyms” for confirmed cases such as “asymptomatic infected” and “positive tests” to downplay the epidemic. A few days ago, the notification from Shandong Province also showed “people with weakly positive nucleic acid”, which triggered panic among the public, and the related words were once on the Weibo hot search list.

The official media of Gaomi City, Shandong Province, informed that in the early morning of May 21, a case of “suspected weakly positive nucleic acid test” was reported in a hotel in Gaomi City. The city investigated overnight and the nucleic acid test results of the suspicious person and all contacts were “all negative”.

After the notification was forwarded by the party media at all levels, the phrase “a hotel in Shandong has a suspicious person with a weakly positive nucleic acid test” quickly made it to the top of Weibo’s hot search list. Many netizens are concerned about the further spread of the outbreak.

The Chinese Communist Party’s so-called “strict accountability” has been accused of forcing local officials to cover up the local epidemic in disguise. Recently, Anhui Province suddenly reported confirmed cases in the region, blowing the lid off the outbreak in Anhui and Liaoning provinces and causing another group of officials to lose their posts.

As these two provinces continue to send out “notifications of coordinated investigations” to foreign governments, the panic has spread to many provinces and cities, making officials in the affected areas extremely nervous.

Given the Communist government’s “habit” of covering up epidemics, the notification from Gaomi not only failed to dispel people’s doubts, but also prompted more questions from netizens.

“Can you tell us which hotel. It’s not the same one?”

“Well, one has just been diagnosed in Guangdong and one is suspected in Shandong”

“The epidemic has a tendency to spread ……”

“Recently the epidemic has started to rebound again, we should be more vigilant”

“I’m shivering from the May Day trip”

Yingkou, Liaoning province, has announced that the city has issued a total of six provinces, five cities and one autonomous region involved in the concordance letter. Shenyang City claimed to have quarantined more than 40,000 people.

Internet videos show that many places in Liaoning province began to close off neighborhoods and even welded doors to buildings. But the official report of the number of new confirmed cases nationwide is still very few.

Some land media quoted experts as saying that the earliest case of the epidemic is likely to be infected in mid-April. Some experts speculate that the spread of the epidemic may be synchronized with the “May Day” holiday travel wave, and the potential risk of spread is very high.