Qinghai-Yunnan strong earthquake, the disaster area stores all shut down, urgent shortage of tents

In the past two days, at least 31 people have been killed or injured in successive major earthquakes in Mado County, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province and Yangbi County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province. At present, all shops in the two counties have been closed and hotel rooms are out of business. Most of the residents have to help themselves because of the lack of rescue tents distributed by the authorities.

At 2:04 a.m. on May 22, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck Mado County, causing some bridges in the province to collapse on the road and damaging houses and animal sheds.

According to the Chinese Communist Party official media reports, as of 18:00 on the 22nd, the earthquake caused a total of 13 people slightly injured in Maduo County, 625 houses damaged in Huanghe Township, more than four hundred residents along the road from Dangluo Township to Youyun Township and Youyun Township government seat lost electricity.

As of 10:50, a total of 453 aftershocks were recorded in Maduo County, 45 aftershocks of 3 or more, 8 aftershocks of 4 or more, and 1 aftershock of 5 or more, the largest being 5.1. And in the afternoon of the same day, several more earthquakes occurred continuously in the county.

At 10:29, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake; at 15:06, an earthquake of about 4.8; at 17:20, a 3.0 magnitude earthquake; and at 17:39, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake.

Commercial establishments all closed

At 14:00 on the 22nd, the reporter learned from a resident of Mado County, the earthquake occurred, is quite frightening, the surrounding neighbors ran to the mountains for shelter.

This resident also said that there was no prior warning, whether there will be aftershocks, and do not know, and no one informed.

Tianhe Hotel staff said that the earthquake, the local government asked the county stores, hotel rooms all closed down, when to open and other notices.

“There are cracks in the houses, some local villagers’ houses are not strong, there are collapsed, and some people are injured.” The staff member said that the damage to houses in the city of Mado County is not too serious, but the surrounding areas are unknown.

The owner of the business hotel Zaluo (a pseudonym) also said that the hotel he operates has dozens of rooms, but also all closed.

Hundreds of aftershocks were felt

Zaluo said that from last night to today (22) during the day, a total of hundreds of aftershocks were felt, and by mid-afternoon there were still two or three aftershocks an hour.

“Last night, I did not go out, sleep at home, everyone ran to the street, has not been home.” Zaluo said, Maduo County, about 10,000 residents, we either live in the car, or defected to friends and relatives in the field, there are some living in tents, eating noodles or simple cooking for belly.

“The night is quite cold, live in a tent may not be able to withstand, if not, there may be a part to move to his hotel, but at present are not sure.” Zaluo said, “said 7.4 magnitude, but it seems that the damage is not very serious, Huanghe town houses collapsed more.”

Reporter repeatedly tried to contact the residents of Huanghe Town unsuccessfully.

Residents self-help urgent shortage of tents

The earthquake occurred on the same night with Mado County, Yangbi County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake at 21:48 on the 21st, and at 17:24 on the 22nd, another 3.3 magnitude earthquake occurred. And a few days before that, Yangbi County, a number of small-scale earthquakes occurred in succession.

The reporter learned from local residents that the earthquake caused the house cracked, glass shattered, residents are running to the outdoors to take shelter, some people were seriously injured, the hospital was also injured by falling objects and glass, but the exact number of people is not known.

Yangbi County Cangbi West Town, Tiezhu Street East Area a resident told reporters: “last night’s earthquake scene do not want to recall, very scary. Now aftershocks constantly, do not dare to go home, do not earthquake when hurry home, and then out.”

The resident said that although there are tents, but “our place has not been sent over, tents are concentrated in the large square open places, we do not have here for the time being, the food is not earthquake when you go home to get a little. And last night, someone could only sit on the roadside.”

Cang Shan West town of an inn owner also said that although there have been small earthquakes in the previous days, are guarded, but there are too many aftershocks, their own inns and stores on the street are closed, are a little afraid. “The old local houses old walls collapsed, the average private house is cracking.”

As the authorities failed to keep up with the rescue in time, the innkeeper said, “Now most do not have tents, are outside to build shacks, the government can not get over it (tents have not been divided).” “They can only save themselves with relatives and friends, and build tents on the side of the road for the night.”

Cang Shan West town a hotel employees also said they lived in the car last night, people have been injured.

According to reports, as of 6:00 on the 22nd, three people have been killed and 27 people injured.

As of press time, there are no detailed reports of the disaster in the above two places.