The Internet rumor that the president is infected with the epidemic is a false message, Taiwan people are afraid of fines of 3 million

Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center deputy commander Chen Zongyan said today (May 22), the Internet rumors President Tsai Ing-wen infected with the epidemic, Executive President Su Zhenchang involved in insider trading epidemic prevention stocks and other false information, called on the public do not pass on, violators the heaviest fine of 3 million New Taiwan dollars.

Taiwan’s epidemic is heating up, the Central Epidemic Command Center 22 and the 22 county and municipal governments across Taiwan held a national epidemic prevention meeting, Chen Zongyan held a post-meeting press conference in the morning called for people to stay at home as much as possible in order to prevent the epidemic on Saturdays and Sundays, there is no need to do not go out, be sure to wear a mask outside, and wash your hands well disinfection, please be sure to come to cooperate.

Chen Zongyan said, because all counties and cities have been confirmed, in order to assist the local speed up the epidemic investigation, so that the epidemic investigation frame more immediate, the command center has completed a set of epidemic investigation auxiliary system to strengthen contact with the local government, to provide the local government in the epidemic investigation use.

“In response to the continued increase in the number of confirmed cases in local governments, to relieve the pressure on medical institutions,” he said, for minor and asymptomatic admissions, the relevant formations will be set up in line with the centralized quarantine sites, and local governments are invited to actively prepare. For the street people, the local government social bureau is requested to send masks at any time to continue to care for the health condition, and also to assist in arranging for street people to be tested at the right time.

Chen Zongyan said that the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications was asked to explain to everyone at today’s meeting that the number of quarantine hotels in counties and cities is 19,174 and will reach 20,569 next. As for the epidemic-proof alcohol, 1.7 million bottles have been sold so far in May, and 1.12 million bottles are in stock. These days, the logistics industry has been asked to work overtime for distribution, and next week, including Taiwan alcohol and five private distilleries, the production volume will be 1.5 million bottles, which will be delivered to the stores next week.

For the continuous emergence of false information in the country, Chen Zongyan once again appealed to the people of the country to “be more suspicious, more investigation, and not to spread rumors”, and not to let the false information to disrupt the pace of Taiwan’s entire epidemic prevention and disruption of the epidemic prevention measures during this period.

He reminded that the epidemic prevention information is mainly confirmed by the disease manager and the official website, and the rumors on the Internet that President Tsai Ing-wen has confirmed the diagnosis and has not yet announced it, that Executive President Su Zhenchang is involved in insider trading of epidemic prevention stocks, that the government is willing to let the epidemic expand in order to sell vaccines, and that the command center has invited street friends to go home are all bad fake messages that try to disturb the public’s psychology and even disrupt the pace of epidemic prevention and cause panic, and called on the public not to pass them on again, and to fine the violators up to 3 million yuan. The most serious fine is 3 million yuan.

A media question, some blue camp people proposed to buy vaccines from China, is it related to the Chinese Communist Party’s unification war or cognitive war? Chen Zongyan said that the purchase of vaccines has been done through the COVAX platform and various pharmaceutical companies, “there are contacts and procurement contracts, and they have reached a certain number. He pointed out that recently it is obvious that the Chinese Communist Party’s cognitive war against Taiwan is constantly threatening, “so we have to keep explaining to everyone the content of the false messages, that is to let the public remind each other.

Chen Zongyan stressed that these false information, “we must immediately block, do not let the Chinese Communist Party cognitive war to affect Taiwan society. The command center stressed that the dissemination of false information constitutes a crime and is punishable by up to three years in prison or a fine of three million yuan. Remind the public to pay more attention to and check messages received from unknown sources, and do not forward them to avoid violating the law.