Shanghai open flower fair many rights citizens were blocked and intercepted

The 10th China Flower Expo opened in Chongming District, Shanghai on May 21, and many Shanghai rights citizens went to view it. Some were intercepted at the station, some were rounded up at the venue and brought back to the local jail, and some were taken by police to Chongming District aid station to prepare for repatriation.

Mao Hengfeng was kidnapped at the Flower Expo

On May 21, after 5:00 p.m., Mao Hengfeng came to the South Park of the Flower Expo to enjoy the flowers. 5:30 p.m., the staff was off duty, she was alone in the venue strolling to enjoy the flowers, suddenly a police car came towards her, and then a group of people surrounded her in black, and searched her body and bag, she saw the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s security captain came, they took Mao Hengfeng to a room of the staff. There were police officers inside, and she was restricted in her personal freedom.

Then, Mao Hengfeng was taken to the entrance of the Flower Expo, when two vans came with police and black security guards. “I asked for a summons, and I asked where they were taking me. They said they would know when they went there.” In the car, they checked her bag again and she said, “I just came to see the flowers, who are you to search me and search my bag?”

“Then they put me inside the iron gate. They said the street would come to pick me up, and asked me not to turn on my cell phone, not to answer the phone, or they would take away my cell phone.” Mao Hengfeng said to the reporter, “I just came to see the flowers, they have no legal formalities whatsoever, and warned me that petitioners can’t come over. I’m not petitioning anytime and anywhere. I never thought I would be arrested for coming to see the flowers!”

Song Jiahong, a volunteer from Shanghai, said, “Mao Hengfeng’s visit to Chongming was righteous, just like the citizens who went to Chongming, and there was no illegal behavior. Locking up Mao Hengfeng shows that the Shanghai government’s stability maintenance has started from a black jail and has gone to an open ‘human jail’, where people can be arrested and locked up without legal procedures as long as they are visitors, which is a precursor of the very dangerous terrorism in Chinese society now!”

Chen Yaqin intercepted midway to the Flower Show

On the eve of the opening of the Flower Show, Chen Yaqin of Changning District, Shanghai, was about to take the high-speed train G135 to Chongming Flower Show venue at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, when she was kidnapped by at least five (excluding the surrounding people) Changning District government officials.

At this time, Pudong District Dong Zhengui, Changning District Zheng Jianmin and other people were also at the Hongqiao train station, they stood up and loudly rebuked the hostage takers for their illegal behavior. The behavior of the two of them spread in the rights group, gaining praise from netizens, that the face of black and evil forces dare to loudly resist shouting, their relief has caused a great effect, worthy of admiration.

On May 21, Chen Yaqin sent a message saying that local government officials had detained her in Chongming black jail to restrict her personal freedom.

Shanghai rights activist Chen Yaqin was intercepted by government agents at Hongqiao Railway Station. (Courtesy of the interviewer/video screenshot)

Disabled visitor escorted back from flower viewing before flower show

On May 17, Zhou Xuezhen from Baoshan District, Shanghai wanted to go to Chongming Flower Expo to have a look. She rode her disabled bike for more than two hours to reach the flower expo venue, and the government of Baoshan District sent police officers from Songnan Police Station to Chongming to take her back.

Song Jiahong said, “Because she was an old visitor of the special control, she ended up being escorted back to Shanghai with her car.”

Zhou Xuezhen told the reporter, “Our cell phones were located, and after I was arrested and put into a black prison, I am now being held in the Zhongqi Valley Hotel on Changjiang Road in Baoshan District. They (the government) lock me up when they have any meetings or activities.”

The reporter called Cao Da Feng, the director of the letter and petition in Songnan Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai, to verify that Zhou Xuezhen was imprisoned in a black prison, and he initially said, “I can’t tell you.” When the reporter explained again, he said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Then he hung up the phone.

Zhou Xuezhen has not received justice since her car accident in 1993, and has been imprisoned, kidnapped and detained numerous times during her ten years of petitioning. 2006, her husband and her husband Yu Chusan’s house was forcibly demolished during the Expo relocation, and her husband was persecuted to death.

Before the deadline, Zhou Xuezhen came to say that she had been released from the black prison and returned home.