Study: Dogs sniff positive for CCP virus with 97% accuracy

A recent French study says that dogs detect the Chinese Communist virus with an accuracy rate of 97 percent. The research unit pointed out that although dogs can not replace scientific instruments for nucleic acid testing (PCR), but can help identify those who need to undergo a complete virus test, conducive to large-scale screening.

The Guardian newspaper reported on the 20th, the French National Veterinary Institute and Paris Nickle – Cochin (Necker-Cochin) Hospital clinical research department in March and April to carry out this trial, scientists in Paris to 335 volunteers to receive nucleic acid testing samples, the collection of test swabs pressed in their armpits for 2 minutes, and then the swabs will be sealed. The swabs were then sealed in jars, and each jar was sniffed by at least two of the dogs involved in the test.

The results showed that the dogs were 97% accurate in detecting positive samples of the CCP virus, and 91% accurate in sniffing out negative samples.

A total of nine dogs participated in the French trial, and none of them had contact with the subjects beforehand, nor did they know which samples were negative or positive. The subjects were between the ages of 6 and 76, and 109 tested positive for nucleic acid, while the dogs correctly identified 97 percent of the samples; for the samples that tested negative, the dogs correctly identified 91 percent.

The study scientifically confirms that dogs can detect the olfactory signature of the virus, according to the board of directors of the Nichol Cochin Hospital.

Jean-Marc Tréluyer, a professor at the hospital, told AFP that the dogs’ experimental results in detecting the virus were excellent and even comparable to nucleic acid tests, which are far more accurate than fast screening.

Tréluyer also said that although dogs can not replace nucleic acid testing, but can help identify those who should receive a complete virus test, because they are very fast detection, the future can be used in airports, train stations, concerts and other venues to accelerate the progress of large-scale testing.

A previous study of 64 reported that the Lateral Flow Laminar Quarantine Fast Screen (LFT) was 72% accurate in detecting symptomatic patients positive for the CCP virus, and only 58% accurate in detecting negative subjects.

According to the report, researchers in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom have conducted experiments with sniffer dogs to detect the CCP virus, and Finland and the United Arab Emirates have also conducted practical trials at international airports in Helsinki and Dubai since last year.

In addition to sniffer dogs, a Dutch research team has also successfully trained bees to identify the Chinese Communist virus by their sense of smell.