45-year-old Chen Kun without filter to open live, the state of the skin as frozen, netizens called than 19-year-old son is also handsome

On May 20, Chen Kun appeared in the live broadcast, and interacted with netizens without filters, which triggered public opinion.

The 45-year-old Chen Kun is wearing a white T-shirt, and the inch shape adds a bit of youthfulness. His skin is still firm, as if time has never passed on his face, and his skin is as good as frozen.

When netizens watched Chen Kun’s live broadcast, they left comments saying they couldn’t believe it. Some people call out Chen Kun is more handsome than his son, and some people lament why he is not old.

Chen Kun’s son is 19 years old and has an outstanding temperament, with the sharpness and unrestrainedness of a teenager, and is also a small handsome man. But compared to his father, there is still a big gap for the time being, he lacks the sedimentation of years, and his face is not refined enough.

When he was young, Chen Kun was a handsome man who made thousands of girls swoon, and his role as the gentleman of a luxurious family in “The Gold Dust Family” is still a classic. The current Chen Kun is only slightly stronger and not as lean as he was back then, but his face and skin have hardly changed, even his temperament is the same, and he has a heartwarming charm.

Chen Kun has played many different types of roles, all of which have left a deep impression on the audience.

Chen Kun can maintain such a good state, it is too rare, in the middle-aged actor is a rare.