Authorities forced to vaccinate the land people vaccination serious discomfort

Gong Cheng (a pseudonym), a citizen of a southern city, developed a large area of sores on his head after receiving the Kexing vaccine, accompanied by headache, head numbness and head swelling. The picture shows that the sore area has crusted over. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

The Chinese Communist Party’s mandatory implementation of the much-criticized domestic vaccine has triggered and concealed a large number of abnormal reactions after the injection, and people have criticized the authorities for taking human lives. Recently, Gong Cheng (a pseudonym), a citizen of a southern city, told reporters that he received his first injection of the Kexing vaccine in late April under the compulsory requirement of his unit, and subsequently suffered from widespread head sores, as well as numbness, pain, swelling and low fever.

Strong head reaction to vaccination

“Initially there was a headache, head numbness, swelling and low fever, but I didn’t think it was caused by the vaccine.”

Three days later, Gongcheng said, he began to have large sores on his head, nearly 20 in size, “very painful, couldn’t sleep at night, and the whole person was very uncomfortable.”

Gong Cheng did not realize that the vaccine was triggered, thinking that the sores on his head were caused by fire or a skin disease, so he bought some honeysuckle to wash his hair and went to a hot spring, but did not see any relief.

After a few days, I heard from a friend that his little sister also had sores on her head and fever due to the vaccine, and Gongcheng was alerted to the fact that his abnormal reaction was caused by the vaccine, but the symptoms were more serious at this point.

“Take us as mice, we really can’t help it, some good health, maybe a little bit of fever or numbness in the body, I was not particularly good health, there will be abnormal reactions, and even all will die.”

And late May to play a second shot, Gong Cheng said, “I do not want to play, who do not know what will appear, because this (vaccine) is the experimental type, not yet mature.”

“I have heard that there are those who died after the shot, but the media does not report it.” “This is actually very bad, very depressing, this vaccine who played who knows.”

Gong Cheng said his friends in the system had told him, “High-end senior cadres have imported vaccines inside and will not use this experimentally immature domestic vaccine, definitely not.”

Gong Cheng believes that the authorities’ forced vaccination is impersonal and disrespects life.

“First, it is against the principle of freedom; second, the government should be responsible ah, after playing what problems you have to treat, or you sign an agreement, the state wants me to play, then the state you have to take responsibility. Now it is after the fight, good or bad you bear, do not give you the freedom to choose, you must fight, fight the problem is not responsible, it really is to die.”

Mainland doctors: do not believe in the Communist Party

There are also people in other parts of the mainland who told reporters that they do not believe in the Communist Party and condemned the inhumane act of forcibly experimenting on human bodies.

A citizen in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, said that not long ago, the local forced vaccination of people over 60 years old, “It is obvious that the vaccine is not qualified, but they still want to force the whole population to take the vaccine, extermination of humanity ah.”

Wang Qi (a pseudonym), a doctor in Beijing, also told reporters that his hospital forced the entire hospital’s medical care to be vaccinated, or else it would affect his job.

“I don’t believe in the Communist Party and the vaccines it promotes at all.”

Wang Qi analyzed that other more mature vaccines such as influenza may only have a few percent chance of adverse reactions, while 50% of the current New Crown vaccine will have reactions. After people play, there will be such so-called normal phenomena as dizziness, vomiting, arm pain, weakness, fever, etc., indicating that the vaccine is still not very mature.

He pointed out that foreign vaccines are relatively safe on the mainland, although there are also accidents, but foreign countries dare to report it, and so many domestic vaccines, there are no reports of accidents, “this vaccine who dare to play?”

Domestic vaccines not only show abnormal reactions, but even after vaccination, they still get infected with the new coronavirus (Chinese Communist virus).

Recently, the mainland media reported that the entire Thai women’s national volleyball team and staff members, a total of 26 people, were confirmed to be infected with the CCP virus, after they had all received their first doses of the Koxin vaccine.

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, a U.S. virologist and former laboratory director of the Department of Virology at the U.S. Army Research Institute, said in an interview with Epoch Times in April that the vaccine company has not released many details about what side effects the Chinese vaccine will have, and there are no official reports about side effects, so for now we can only use adverse reaction reports from Hong Kong or other countries that have injected Kexing and Sinopharm vaccines as a reference.

It is reasonable to say that more than 100 million people have been vaccinated in China, so there should be a lot of relevant data. I hope that the Chinese government will publish detailed and detailed data, as other countries have done, so that the public can fully understand the risks after the injection.