Luo Yonghao and a miracle, just half a year old company was acquired, electric anchor F4 “collective listing.”

Luo Yonghao’s 600 million debt, may have to speed up to pay it off. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Starsky Prospect), which was established just six months ago, was listed on the shares of Shangwei, the two sides have signed the “agreement of intent”.

So far, the “F4” of domestic e-commerce live broadcast Li Jiaqi, Viya, Simba, Luo Yonghao all appeared in the A-share market. They are related to which listed companies?

Luo Yonghao is coming to A-share.

On April 1 this year, Luo Yonghao, who failed in business and owed $600 million in debt, switched to live-streaming for e-commerce and made a fortune. He did live the most important operation of the main body, is Starry Sky Ambition, founded on April 15, and Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast career almost synchronized.

Starry Wild Hope accidentally performed a miracle: it was acquired by a public company just six months after its establishment. On October 26, Sunway released an announcement that the company intends to acquire 35%-51% of Starry Wild Hope’s shares by issuing shares and paying cash to seek control, and has signed an “Intentional Agreement” with the other party, Huang He, at a price to be further agreed upon.

There is no Luo Yonghao in the list of Starry Wild Hope shareholders, but he is the dominant player from a number of perspectives, including the time of establishment, actual operation and shareholders. The company’s majority shareholder, Huang He, who holds 61% of the company’s shares, is a former product director of Hammer Technology and Luo’s broadcast partner. The second shareholder is Shenzhen Xiaonao Technology Co Ltd, which holds 14% of the shares, and the controller is Peng Jinzhou, who was the president of Hammer Technology.

Why doesn’t Law hold his own shares? It should be related to debt. Previously, he transferred all the legal representative status of many companies under Hammer Technology to his old colleague, Wen Hongxi, so that the latter could help him carry 37 orders restricting high spending, which he explained as a convenient way to pay off his debts. Now that his debts are still outstanding, creditors will be looking for trouble with this company if he holds shares in Starry Wilderness.

The registered address is also an evidence. The registered address of Starry Wild Hope is No. 6, Aerospace Road, Section 2, East Third Ring Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which is identical to the registered address of Hammer Technology (Chengdu) Co.

The transaction of the acquirer Shangwei shares, is also a Sichuan company, the main industry is special wire and cable research and development and production and marketing, listed in 2012 in the small and medium-sized board, in recent years, performance is solid.

Electrician F4 “collective listing”

In addition to Luo Yonghao, the other three people in the e-commerce anchor F4 – Li Jiaqi, Viya and Simba – stepped into the A-share market even earlier. They are not only for dozens of listed companies live with products, there are some deeper level of cooperation.

On January 15 this year, New Culture released an announcement that the company signed a one-year “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Beauty Wrist (Shanghai) Network Technology Co. In the cooperation between the two sides, Li Jiaqi, an artist under Beauty Wrist, appeared several times. Or rather, the main target of this cooperation between New Culture is Li Jiaqi.

On May 11 this year, Mengjie shares signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taobao’s first anchor, Viya. According to the agreement, Viya will be involved in the design and quality control of Mengjie’s products for the needs of its fans, which is a light “C2M” model. In addition, Mengjie Co. has acquired the image right of Viya, which can be used in offline and online stores.

Li Jiaqi and Viya only had strategic cooperation with the listed company, while Simba took it a step further by taking a direct stake in the company. On September 17 this year, the starting shares rose all day, as the company announced that the controlling shareholder intends to transfer 10% of its shares in the company to Simba Investment and individual investor Zhang Xiaoshuang at a share price of 9.162 yuan, for a consideration of 432 million yuan.

What are the identities of these 2 receivers? Sinselect Investment is a company owned by the netizen anchor Simba Holdings, while Zhang Xiaoshuang is the co-founder of Sinselect Investment. The incident caused a huge stir at the time, with people marveling at the strong earning power of e-commerce anchors.

E-commerce anchors disrupting A-shares

As an emerging force, e-commerce anchors have just made their debut, creating huge waves in A-shares. Many listed companies turn their goals to them, some hope to bring goods, some hope to improve brand value, some hope to pull market value for their own cash to facilitate.

According to statistics, there are at least 30 listed companies that invite e-commerce anchor F4 to bring goods to the market, covering a variety of industries such as food, jewelry, textiles, clothing, pharmaceuticals and so on. These listed companies get benefits that go far beyond the bandwagon itself.

In May this year, 18 companies’ share prices rose, including 7 companies rose more than 20%, and the rise in the shares of Mengjie, Royal Family, Laiyin was as high as 97%, 71%, 40%. Such a ferocious share price performance, even if the company out of a major good, may not be able to get.

For example, Qianjin Pharmaceutical, before the release of financial data is not good, operating income and profit in the first half of the year are declining, but the company announced at the same time to cooperate with Via with goods, the day the share price rose instead of falling, or 4.74%.

The quarterly net profit almost half of the dream clean shares, just because on May 11 and Viya signed a cooperation agreement, reaped seven consecutive up stop, market value increased from 4 billion to 7.4 billion.

This round of rising and stopping tide provided an opportunity for the shareholders of Mengjie to cash in. Starting from the second day after signing the cooperation agreement with Viya, Wu Jing alone reduced her holding of 14,199,100 shares and cashed out 96,449,600. Who is Wu Jing? She is the ex-wife of Jiang Tianwu, the chairman of Mengjie.

The net-red economy has had a huge impact on the A-share market and changed the A-share ecology. Like Meng Jie shares such a dismal performance, only rely on this net red to pull up the share price, and even cash from the listed company, will certainly appear.

The money-making ability of the net red itself has been further amplified. Some statistics, if we compare the net profit in 2018, there are 2307 listed companies, less than Li Jiaqi’s 2019 income of 200 million, whether this is good or bad?