Rumor has it that the parking of Truss cars is prohibited in some of the offices of the Chinese Communist Party

Staff members of some Chinese Communist Party agencies have been told recently that they are not allowed to park their Tesla cars in government office areas.

Staff at at least two government agencies in Beijing and Shanghai received verbal instructions from officials in charge not to park their Tesla cars in their office areas, Reuters said on May 21, citing two sources familiar with the matter. It was not clear how many cars would be affected, the sources said. The sources did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter.

It was not clear whether the restriction was imposed on all government offices in Beijing, or whether the measure was a formal government ban or just a practice taken by agency officials, the sources said. It was also unclear whether the measure would apply to state offices across the country.

Officials said the reason for not allowing parking was a safety hazard with Tesla’s in-car cameras, the sources said. While many brands of cars use sensors and cameras to assist with driving, the sources said the restriction initiative currently applies only to Tesla.

And in March this year, the Chinese Communist Party banned Tesla cars from entering some areas of military facilities, citing security concerns.

Days after the CCP banned Tesla cars from entering military facility areas, Tesla CEO Musk said in a video discussion at the China Development High-Level Forum that if Tesla used the cars to gather intelligence, the company would have been shut down.

The industry basically believes this is a rule against Tesla in response to the Communist Party’s recent announcement that it is forbidden to transmit information collected by the cars outside the mainland without permission.

Tesla has said it will set up a data center in China and is developing a data platform for Chinese car owners.