The “Menstruation Police” in Communist China is not far from the end of Ceausescu?

Recently, a “women’s interviewer” appeared in a Weibo community, asking married women in the group to report the date of their last menstrual period. Netizens are buzzing that Romanian dictator Ceausescu’s “menstruation police” have appeared on the mainland, so is the next step to be family planning to force more children? commentator Wang Duran said, “Is this a sign that the Chinese Communist Party is going to collapse like Ceausescu?

On May 17, overseas Chinese retweeted a screenshot of this Weibo post, which read, “Hello everyone, I am a married woman of childbearing age in the Jinsui community with the prevention, please send the date of your last menstruation to a private message.”

The Twitter post immediately drew comments from Chinese at home and abroad, with some responses from netizens saying.

“Why ‘the sooner people run for money, the better’, because there will be many unexpected policies waiting for you when you stay in the Chinese (communist) country.”

“History is always strikingly similar, Romania’s Ceausescu did the same thing, in order to force the nation to have children, launched the police to check women’s menstruation, so there is the honorable title of ‘menstruation police’.”

“In the 1980s, the unit’s birth control committee would also ask you to check in the toilet and then issue you a packet of sanitary napkins. At that time, sanitary napkins had just been introduced in the domestic market, and they were a rarity.”

“No human rights in the country, ridiculous is also normal, slowly let the people do not know what human rights are.”

“Strong countries menstrual police force has come online.”

“What’s so strange about it, it was already there in the nineties. Once every three months gynecological examination, every month women’s director check menstruation. But back then it was not allowed to give birth.”

“The Chinese Communist Party will do anything to solve the population crisis. You can’t see the thundering slogan on the rural fence ‘It is the village chief’s duty to let every woman of school age carry a second child’ ……”

“This ~~ is what operation ah, so private things also management.”

“The community wants to give women of childbearing age unified fertilization or what?”

“It’s really the management of the sky and the earth, but also the management of menstruation ah!”

“The top is in charge of the sky, the bottom is in charge of the earth, and the middle is in charge of the genitals. The Communist Party wants to control everything in the sky and on the ground.”

“Many people think that family planning is a family of children, but in fact family planning is, it does not matter how many you want to have, I let you have a few, you have to have a few, this is very important … The evil thing about family planning is to openly deprive people of reproductive freedom on a large scale, even the right to reproduction is no longer, what other rights? “

“Family planning family planning, as the name implies is that I plan your birth – today the state “limited resources” to plan your birth 1, tomorrow the state leek is not enough, you plan to give birth to 8. “

In 1966, Ceausescu, the former general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, implemented a policy banning abortion in order to increase the population. To ensure the smooth flow of government orders, according to Ceausescu’s directives, law enforcement agents were stationed in institutions, factories, villages, schools and various establishments to strictly monitor women, urging them to have monthly gynecological examinations to ensure that they were not using contraceptives; those women who used contraception and doctors who acquiesced to abortion were severely punished and imprisoned upon detection. The Romanian population despised these enforcers, calling them “menstrual police.

Under the oppressive terror, many desperate women tried to smuggle themselves across the Danube to neighboring Hungary to seek refuge, but were often treated as traitors at the border and machine-gunned by Romanian soldiers.