Strange: A murderer in Inner Mongolia was able to become a deputy to the National People’s Congress while serving his sentence -The best commentary on corruption

On May 14, Li Cai, former chairman of the CPPCC in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, was “doubly fired” for serious disciplinary violations. Li Cai’s problems include leadership responsibility for a murderer’s entry into the party and “election” to the National People’s Congress in Chenbalhu Banner. At that time, Li Cai was the head of Chenbalhu Banner and secretary of the Banner Committee.

How did the murderer join the party and become a NPC deputy? I carefully studied the strange experience of this murderer after he was sentenced and was shocked. This is a very typical case. It should be helpful to understand how rotten the Chinese Communist Party is today by looking at these events.

The bizarre experience of the murderer

The murder case is not complicated: On May 12, 1992, Batu Menghe of Chenbalhu Banner in Hulunbeier League, Inner Mongolia, had an argument with Bai Yongchun. Ba stabbed Bai three times, causing Bai’s heart to rupture and bleed to death. June 9, 1993, Hulunbeier Intermediate Court, for committing intentional homicide, sentenced Ba to 15 years in prison.

Immediately after, bizarre events occurred one after another.

First, Ba did not go to prison to serve a day.

On August 28, 1993, the Hulunbuir Intermediate Court issued a notice of execution, requesting that Ba be taken into custody. However, Ba was not escorted to the prison, but went through the procedure of medical parole.

At that time, Ba went to Chenqi People’s Hospital for diagnosis and medical certificate on the grounds of “general edema and blood in urine”. On September 28, 1993, Ba returned home directly from the detention center.

Second, Ba’s 15-year sentence was “executed in accordance with the law.

On May 13, 2007, Ba and his mother went to the Chenchi Detention Center. The detention officer issued a “Certificate of Release after Completion of Sentence” for him, stamped with the official seal of Chenqi Detention Center. It says: Batou Menghe committed intentional homicide fifteen years of sentence, has been “executed in accordance with the law”, “now due to the execution of the sentence, be released. This is hereby certified”.

Ba’s sentence should be counted from May 12, 1992. According to the above certificate, in addition to the 1 year, 4 months, and 16 days he spent in the detention center, Ba served the remaining 13 years, 7 months, and 14 days of his sentence outside of prison at liberty.

Third, Ba was unsupervised for more than 13 years on medical parole.

After Ba returned home, he regained his freedom, and the officials of the public, the prosecution, the law and the judiciary all gave up their supervisory duties.

Fourth, Ba is physically strong, married and has children.

When a reporter from the mainland media “surging news” interviewed one of Ba’s classmates, the classmate said, “Ba Tu Menghe’s body was very strong back then, what could be wrong with it?” When a reporter from the mainland media “Red Star News” went to Ba’s village to interview him, the villagers told him, “Everyone knows that he has killed people and is still in jail, but as to whether he has kidney disease, who knows? He was married and had children.”

Fifth, Ba joined the Chinese Communist Party.

In January 2009, Ba applied for membership in the CCP, and in June 2010, under the care of Tao Dao, then secretary of the Party Committee of Wujul Sumu, Ba joined the CCP and became a member.

Sixth, Ba was elected to the Chinese Communist Party’s National People’s Congress.

In April 2009 and August 2011, Ba was “elected” as a deputy to the People’s Congress of West Wujul Sumu (at the town level), and in November 2012, he was “elected” as a deputy to the People’s Congress of Chenbalhu Banner (at the county level).

Seventh, Ba was elected as a village chief.

In October 2009, July 2012 and July 2015, Ba was “elected” as the village chief for three consecutive years.

Analysis of the murderer’s bizarre experience

On September 3, 2020, the Chinese Communist Party’s media Half Moon News published “Murderer never went to prison for a day! The truth is yet to be revealed”, disclosing the above information about Ba, which sparked widespread concern.

On September 4, 2020, the Political and Legal Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region led a working group, jointly with the Discipline Inspection Commission, the Supervisory Commission, the courts, prosecutors, public security, justice and prisons, to arrive in Hulunbeier City to carry out an investigation.

On April 7 this year, the working group issued a notice of the results of the investigation and the pursuit of responsibility. The results of the investigation were: Ba’s medical parole was illegal, the supervision after medical parole was illegal, the issuance of the Certificate of Release from Prison was illegal, Ba’s membership in the Party was illegal, Ba’s election as a village chief was illegal, and Ba’s election as a deputy to the National People’s Congress was illegal.

The briefing said that the Inner Mongolia discipline inspection and supervision organs have identified 84 responsible persons, in addition to the deceased 10 people, 74 responsible persons were investigated and punished. Among them, 8 department-level cadres, 24 department-level cadres, 33 section-level cadres. Party disciplinary and political sanctions have been given to 54 people, 10 of whom are suspected of violating the law and crimes, transferred to the judicial organs for investigation and punishment.

Ba medical parole issue

In December 1990, the Ministry of Justice of the Communist Party of China, the Supreme Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security issued the Measures for the Implementation of Medical Treatment on Parole for Criminals. There are as many as eight vetting procedures stipulated therein, involving the prison where they are located, the procuratorate, the hospital, the public security bureau, and the provincial (autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government) labor reform bureau.

However, according to the above-mentioned briefing, none of the officials on these eight procedures complied with the above-mentioned regulations, and all of them were derelict in their duties. First, the diagnosis of the condition issued by the hospital was false, then all the officials on the other procedures falsified all the way, and finally, the murderer was released to go home.

The problem of unsupervised medical treatment after Ba’s release on parole

The above-mentioned notice said, Ba Ba September 1993 to May 2007 “medical parole” period, in Chenqi Bayankuren town and other places to live, living. Chen Banner Detention Center did not serve the relevant judicial organs with legal documents related to medical parole, did not fulfill the duty of medical parole inspection, renewal of parole, admission; local police station did not fulfill the duty of key personnel management, did not take supervisory measures; Chen Banner Procuratorate did not fulfill its supervisory duties; guarantors Tong Laga (Ba’s mother), Chaolumeng (Ba’s aunt) did not fulfill their obligations as guarantors, resulting in Ba Tu Meng and long-term unsupervised.

What is the meaning of this passage? In short, it means that after a murderer was released home on medical parole, he became a free man, and all the officials who were responsible for supervising him, none of them complied with the provisions of the Measures for the Implementation of Medical Parole for Criminals in 13 years, 7 months and 15 days, and all of them failed in their duties.

The issue of issuing certificates of release after 15 years of imprisonment

On March 17, 1990, the State Council of the Communist Party of China issued Article 2 of the “Regulations on Detention Facilities”, which stipulates that: “Criminals who are sentenced to less than one year of fixed-term imprisonment, or whose remaining sentence is less than one year, and who are inconvenient to be sent to labor reform facilities for execution, may also be supervised by detention facilities.”

Ba was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. According to the “detention center regulations,” Ba does not belong to the detention center supervision of persons serving sentences, the detention center is not qualified to issue a certificate of release.

However, according to the above-mentioned information, in 2007, Ba and his mother went to the Chenqi Detention Center and asked Haiping, who was then the director of the Detention Center, to instruct Huimou to handle the matter, and Huimou issued the Certificate of Release after Completion of Sentence as requested by Haiping.

Chenqi detention center director Haiping has not read the “detention center regulations”? Chenqi Detention Center issued this release certificate, is completely blind, the relevant laws and regulations as a child’s play, this is a serious criminal misconduct.

The issue of Ba’s entry into the party

Ba is a person who committed intentional homicide, and according to the provisions of the CPC Constitution, it is impossible to be absorbed as a member of the CPC. In June 2010, at his request, Tao Dao, then secretary of the party committee of Xiwuqi Sumu, helped him join the CPC.

This shows at least four points: first, Tao is likely to receive money from Ba; second, Tao to his jurisdiction to join the party, is his word alone; third, those who commit intentional homicide can join the party, other people to send money and goods to Tao, certainly also can join the party; fourth, Tao in Ba to the party after the promotion to the Chenqi Water Resources Bureau director. Tao must be promoted by the Chenqi Party Secretary agreed. So, what kind of person is the secretary of the Chenqi Party Committee?

The issue of Ba’s election to the NPC

The full name of the NPC deputies is “representatives of the People’s Congress”. There are people’s congresses at the township and county levels.

The above-mentioned notice says: “Under the manipulation of Tao Dao, Batu Menghe was illegally elected as a deputy to the People’s Congress of Xi’uzur Sumu in April 2009 and August 2011; in November 2012, he was illegally elected as a deputy to the People’s Congress of Chenqi.”

Let the murderer as a deputy to the National People’s Congress, is indeed a strange story in the world. Ba in the West WuZhuEr Sumu when the people’s congress representative, is certainly the party secretary Tao Dao a person said. Ba when the Chen Banner People’s Congress representative, must be recognized by the Standing Committee of the Chen Banner People’s Congress. This is the county level NPC organization. Ba was sentenced to 15 years in prison for intentional homicide that year, Chenqi County People’s Congress Standing Committee leaders are not aware of? This is absolutely impossible. Since the knowledge, why let Ba elected? The murderer can be elected to the Chenqi People’s Congress, who can not?

The problem of the three consecutive elections of the village head

The above-mentioned briefing described this also as “under the manipulation of Tao Dao”. The village mayor was the head of the village for eight years from 2009 to 2017. Although small, village officials are an important part of the Communist Party’s rural grassroots power. Above the village chief is the village or township chief, and the next level up is the county chief. During the eight-year-long period, Chenqi’s chief (equivalent to a county chief) did not know that Ba had been a murderer? Judging from common sense, it must have known. What is the nature of the problem that he knew and let it go for eight long years?

The Chinese Communist Party’s rule is full of holes

The bizarre experience of a murderer in Inner Mongolia is indeed unbelievable to people with normal thinking, but it actually happened. Why? Let’s go on and examine it in depth.

In this case, Han Jie, the mother of the victim, Bai Yongchun, said, “My son Yongchun is too wrong, so no matter 10, 20 or 30 years, as long as I still have a breath in me, I will always reflect.”

Since 1993, Han Jie has been petitioning. From Xi’uzur Sumu to Chenbalhu Banner, then to Hulunbeier League, then to Hohhot, then to Beijing. One year, two years, three years …… she has been persisting for 27 years.

For the problems reflected by Han Jie, the leaders of Xiwuqiur Sumu (township level), the leaders of Chenbalhu Banner (county level), the leaders of Hulunbeier League (regional level), the leaders of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (provincial level), and up to the leaders of the relevant departments of the central government all knew. However, until September 4, 2020, the leaders from the township level to the leaders of the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee, for 27 years, were all numb to the major illegal issues related to the murderer Batumeng and the medical parole, etc.

On December 13, 1978, Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the Communist Party of China, proposed at the Central Working Conference that “the law should be followed, the law must be followed, the law must be strictly enforced, and violations must be investigated.”

For 27 years, from August 28, 1993, when the Hulunbeier Intermediate Court requested that Ba be escorted to prison to serve his sentence, to September 3, 2020, before the publication of the article in the Half-Moon, leaders from the township level to the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee have treated the major violations of the law related to the above-mentioned murderer’s medical parole, all have not followed the law, all have treated the law as a child’s play.

What does this tell us? If the Chinese Communist Party is compared to a house, then the strange experience of the above-mentioned murderer shows that the house is full of holes from the bottom to the top, and full of moths from the bottom to the top.

Perhaps some people say that after the publication of the report in Half Moon Talk on September 3, 2020, on September 4, the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee immediately formed an investigation team to investigate. on April 7, 2021, the results of the investigation and the results of accountability are out. Aren’t all the problems solved?

The problem is: none of the leaders of the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee for the previous 27 years knew about this matter? Why did the leaders of the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee remain inactive for the previous 27 years?

From August 1993 when Ba’s family made medical parole for him, from the hospital onwards, all the officials involved were faking, all the officials were breaking the law, all the officials were unsupervised, one step wrong, one step wrong, all the time for 27 years. This is not a general mistake, it is the result of the whole systemic corruption.

The most crucial aspect of this systemic corruption is that “the Party leads everything”. The party controls legislation, the party controls law enforcement, the party controls supervision, the party controls the public security bureau, the party controls the procuratorate, the party controls the courts. The party acts as both an athlete and a coach and a referee.

The party leads everything, which means the party has absolute power. Absolute power inevitably leads to absolute corruption. The above-mentioned murderer’s bizarre experience is the best commentary of this absolute corruption.

Today, 27 years later, the Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee has corrected the case, but it has only treated the symptoms, not the root cause. The “Party-led” system of the CCP has not changed, nor can it change. The CCP will only continue to rot day by day until it disintegrates.