Eggs and High Walls

In the Israeli-Palestinian territorial dispute, the Chinese model can be used to determine what is right and wrong. The Chinese principle of territorial disputes is how it has been “since ancient times”. Israel has been a Jewish territory since Roman times. In this region of the Middle East, Christianity and Judaism predate Islam, which was founded by Muhammad, by 600 years. If religious culture is the criterion, the Jews of Israel have been the masters of this land since ancient times and have a more dominant position.

It is only fair that the United States support Israel. First of all, Israel’s values are the same as those of the West, led by the United States. Israel speaks of human rights, Israel’s Jewish culture is a rational science, and Israel is a superior high-end country with the world’s first-rate technological inventions. Israel has equal rights for men and women, has female soldiers in its army, does not prohibit female education, has never circumcised girls, does not stone adulterous women to death, and does not sentence homosexuals to death.

Judging by the line between civilization and barbarism, where the line should be drawn between the territory of that part of the Middle East, between the Jews and the Arabs, is a question that has been impossible to define since the birth of Jesus. There is no possible solution to the problem that can only be put aside and ignored, and then look at the big picture, the big civilization, the big scene. By a big word and view, Israel is the right side in the history of human civilization.

For the rest of the details, it is not necessary to pay attention to them, and it is impossible to ask for an umpire. Because at the level of details, the Israeli army may have had some indiscriminate killings of civilians, but the Palestinian side has a longer history and more supporting evidence of hatred and massacres of Jews.

Between Israel and Palestine, who is right and who is wrong? It’s easy to go to the United States and ask a feminist to come forward, purely from a feminist perspective, and instantly come to a logical conclusion – in the leftist world, all political and moral disputes are reduced to the two major rules of race and gender. This is one of the most disgusting and ugly aspects of leftist pseudo-moralism.

Looking at the whole Middle East, Israel has only 9 million people, how many people are there in the surrounding Arab world? Which side is the egg and which side is the high wall?

If Israel is far ahead in science and technology, so it is a high wall, then why two thousand years ago the Jewish and Arab starting line, Israel’s “civilization” against the family, did not breed science?

If you continue to ask questions, the left gum face will start to hide, and you will be thrown on the “racist” Cultural Revolution-style hat.

So there is no need to argue with such people. Here are the names of Israel’s international women scientists: engineers Yonina Eldar, Ester Segal, Rachel Sharon, mathematician Elette Boyle, Esther Seidel, who don’t wear veils and are not the third or fourth concubine of some oil king sheikh.