Israel releases video evidence: air strike finally cancelled only because of the discovery of … – IDF pilot suspects children nearby, cancels air strike

Faced with allegations of indiscriminate strikes against targets in Gaza without distinguishing between Hamas officials and civilians, the IDF has decided to release documents that prove the facts, The Jerusalem Post reported on the 17th.

The IDF has repeatedly claimed that the IDF did everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, yet in the complex reality of the operation, Hamas appears to have used civilians as human shields.

In the face of international criticism and accusations of arbitrarily striking targets in the Gaza Strip without distinguishing between Hamas officials and civilians, the IDF decided to release operational documents that show the truth of the matter: that avoiding harm to civilians is, in fact, an active and daily aspect of the reality of IDF operations.

On Sunday, video and audio recordings of air force pilots released by the Israeli military showed that the pilots called off the airstrikes after discovering the presence of civilians, including children, in the area.

In the recordings, Mission Control can be heard ordering the pilots to “check if there are children there.”

The pilot responds, “They’re moving too fast to be children,”

The commander responds, “There could be children here, let’s stop everything. “

The pilot then confirmed, noting that “there was a big one and a couple of little ones.

As a result, the command canceled the airstrike, saying, “Given that they may be children, we will not continue the airstrike.”

Later Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hamas of committing a double war crime.

In a Facebook post, he wrote, “They target our civilians, hide behind Palestinian civilians and actually use them as human shields.