Eye-opening! Israel releases video of “knocking on the roof” scene

On the 17th, the official IDF Twitter account posted the video and introduced it saying, “IDF fighter jets attacked the main operations center of Hamas’ internal security forces in northern Gaza. The operations center is a central part of Hamas’ terror infrastructure. We gave advance warning to those inside and allowed enough time to evacuate.”

At the beginning of the video, what appears to be an explosion on the roof can be seen, and Israel makes a point of labeling the video “loud and undamaged,” which appears to be an Israeli military “knock on the roof” operation meant to warn those inside the building that the air strikes are about to The video is labeled “a lot of noise, no damage.

In the second image, people can be seen coming out of the building one after another, but they are not running fast, just leaving at a fast pace. The Israeli military has labeled the video “people evacuating the building.”

It is only after the crowd has evacuated that the next image shows the bombing of the building. You can see that the bombs are so powerful that the building starts to collapse instantly.