The two persons in charge of the restaurant “Orangetheory” were arrested by police by phone appointment

Yellow store restaurant “orange stalk” two responsible person was arrested by the police phone appointment.

In Hong Kong, the famous yellow store restaurant “orange stalk” announced this afternoon in Facebook, Monday (17) morning, the two responsible persons received a phone call from the police, said that in December last year, the store is suspected of possession of “illegal use and offensive weapons”, the phone appointment Tomorrow to the Mong Kok Police Station for the case arrested. (Chen Runnan report)

“Tangerine” said, in February when the two responsible persons have kicked the case and handed over the store CCTV footage, “for this unreasonable action, deeply regretted.”

Last December 4 evening, a large number of police officers suddenly to investigate the reason for the restriction of gathering order, into the “orange stalk” of the Mong Kok branch, and in the floor and rooftop search up to 4 hours, some of the store customers and store staff were not allowed to leave. Later, the police claimed to have found a suspected telescopic bat, helmet, shield, etc. in the restaurant.