Fearing that he might pass on the virus, the Philippine hospital wrapped him in a “mummy”

A Filipino man, Merwin Fabregas, was seriously injured in a car accident recently and died after being taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. The hospital ended up wrapping Fabregas’ body with tape saying, “There is a surge of Covid-19 cases in the area and we have to protect others.”

Fabregas’ mother, Mitchilou Fabregas Sapipi, accused the hospital of not treating Fabregas, instead treating him as a Covid-19 patient and sending him to a respiratory virus disease unit. Sapipi sobbed that the hospital didn’t care about Bregas at all: “I couldn’t stop crying, it wasn’t something I expected. They were supposed to take care of my son.”

Hospital director Napoleon Obaña said they turned off the vascular system only after Fabregas was pronounced dead, “so we didn’t kill him.” Obaña added: “We have to consider Fabregas a suspected case of Covid-19 because he could have transmitted the virus to others.”

British news network Mirror reported that the Philippines is currently the country with the worst outbreak in Asia, with 18,260 deaths and a total of 1.11 million cases. The number of infections per day has dropped from a high of 15,310 on April 2, but remains at about 1,700 cases per day.

The Philippines has banned people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh to protect the country from the potentially deadly variant.