China can not find the source of 29 local cases in 4 days, fearing a new wave of outbreaks again

Liaoning and Anhui provinces have had 29 indigenous infections in four days. Officials have not yet found a “patient zero” who caused the local transmission.

China has seen a recent resurgence of indigenous cases of Newcastle pneumonia (CCP virus). On May 15, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese CDC, said in an interview with Punch News that the outbreak spread earlier in Yingkou, Liaoning than in Liuan, Anhui, and that the specific source of the virus is yet to be investigated.

Ms. Guan, a resident of Shenyang, told Radio Free Asia that local government officials are so nervous about the recent sudden appearance of indigenous cases that they fear being removed from their posts by higher authorities.

“There have been more than 30 cases nationwide, nine new cases in Yingkou, and then 12 cases in Anhui, all of which are indigenous cases. Previously, they all came back from abroad with imported cases. It is possible that the epidemic has re-emerged. Even yesterday and today, hundreds of confirmed cases occurred in Taiwan.”

People line up in the rain outside a vaccination site in Fuyang, Anhui province, May 15, 2021, to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

On May 13, a confirmed case was found in Lu’an, Anhui Province, after routine nucleic acid testing of a patient who visited the hospital. In the following two days, confirmed cases were found in Anhui and Liaoning. In contrast, no local cases were found in China in the previous 22 days.

Chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou said that although the first confirmed case of the local outbreak came from Liu’an, Anhui, the source of the outbreak most likely started in Yingkou, Liaoning.

Authorities can’t cut the chain of transmission if they can’t find the source

Sun Decai, who works at a hospital in Anhui province, told the station that it is difficult to cut off the recent chain of transmission because the authorities cannot find the “zero-sense patient” for the new wave of local cases. He said.

“Right now there is just no number zero, no number zero case has been found. According to the sporadic infections that have occurred around the world, they are infecting others, and it is not known whether the virus they are carrying is the raw material virus or the latest, just them (CDC). So, there are a lot of questions about this. Where is patient zero? Do officials need to do crowd control.”

From Monday (17) to Wednesday, Anhui’s Lu’an required full nucleic acid testing in the main city and key areas, while Anhui and Liaoning provincial governments urged residents to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus as soon as possible. On Monday, all those entering Yingkou, Liaoning Province, must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within seven days.

In addition to this, the Liaoning Provincial Health Committee deputy party secretary Song Liangwei, Yingkou city government deputy mayor Jin Li, the city’s health committee main Wang Cheng, a number of district governments were admonished to talk, warning sanctions.