U.S. capital subway may be dominated by Japanese manufacturers after Chinese bid raises safety concerns

According to Kyodo News on May 17, citing the Washington Department of Transportation disclosed that the U.S. capital of Washington subway operating vehicles are expected to be Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi Group and other Japanese manufacturers exclusive.

Data show that Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries 7000 carriages in Washington in 2015 into operation, more than half of the current share; and Hitachi manufacturing carriages are expected to be put into operation from 2025.

Reuters previously disclosed that the world’s largest passenger train manufacturer China “China Railway Group” in 2019, after winning bids for the metro in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles and other cities, had planned to participate in the Washington area subway project. But the move sparked a backlash from members of Congress and civil society lobbying groups and was called off. Chinese surveillance systems and hacking have become major concerns of the U.S. public about cyber security and threats to manufacturing.

The report said that if the two Japanese manufacturers can win the U.S. capital transportation means and get high praise, or will play the role of “showroom” to introduce Japanese railroad vehicles to the world. The Washington Department of Transportation also said that after issuing 800 car orders to Hitachi, will all “unified use” of the Japanese system. And Hitachi announced in March this year, has signed a contract with the U.S. side design, manufacturing the next generation of 8000 carriage, the amount will reach 2.2 billion U.S. dollars.

It is reported that the Washington Metro has a total of six lines, connecting the White House and government departments in the downtown and suburban residential communities.