The United Kingdom significantly loosened the restrictions on the prevention of disease, defying the Indian variant of the virus

Most parts of the United Kingdom today sharply loosened restrictions on the 2019 coronavirus disease (Chinese Communist Virus, COVID-19), allowing people to drink alcohol indoors in public places, go to the cinema and hug their loved ones in defiance of renewed fears over the more contagious Indian variant of the virus.

AFP reports that the lifting of many indoor restrictions on human interaction across England and Wales and most of Scotland has been widely welcomed by the public, with British tabloid The Sun calling today “Freedom Monday”.

At The North Western in Liverpool, England, bartenders wore masks as customers sat at tables and enjoyed a hearty English breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages and beans.

Customers also returned to cinemas, galleries, museums and theaters for the first time in months, while fitness classes resumed and sports fields opened their doors.

British holidaymakers have begun to arrive in Portugal as the government chooses to lift travel restrictions on several countries, giving people some respite after months of homeoprophylaxis and boosting the ailing airline and travel industries.

But nothing is more anticipated than the removal of social distance restrictions from private homes, allowing family members who were forced to keep their distance during the epidemic to embrace each other again.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it “another milestone in our unsealing blueprint,” but urged caution, warning “remembering that close contact, such as hugging, is a direct route to the spread of the disease.