Hamas indiscriminate attack Israel returns deadliest air strike, three buildings leveled

Israeli artillery forces fire on targets in the Gaza Strip on the Israel-Gaza border, Sunday, May 16, 2021.

Three buildings were razed and at least 42 people were reportedly killed when Israel launched another airstrike on Gaza on Sunday, following 55 rockets fired by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas into Israel in an indiscriminate attack on the population and an Israeli airstrike on Friday on a building housing Hamas’ intelligence agency.

According to the Associated Press on Sunday (May 16), Israel launched another airstrike on Gaza early Sunday morning, the deadliest since Israel struck back at Hamas nearly a week ago.

The airstrike, which reportedly lasted five minutes, hit residential buildings and storefronts on a main street in the city center, destroying two adjacent buildings and a building about 50 meters down the road. Palestinian medics said the airstrikes killed at least 42 people.

Gaza health authorities claimed that 16 women and 10 children were among those killed in the airstrike, and more than 50 others were injured.

Earlier the Israeli military had said Israeli air strikes struck the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, where the home of Hamas supreme leader Yahiyeh Sinwar was destroyed. This is the third Israeli airstrike in the past two days on the homes of top Hamas leaders who have gone underground.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Netanyahu) had hinted Sunday night that a fourth war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip would continue, the report said.

It is reported that in an interview with the CBS “Face the Nation” television program, Netanyahu said Sunday night that the attack is still “in full swing” and will “take time”. He said Israel wants the radical Hamas group in Gaza to “pay a heavy price” and that he was flanked by Israeli Defense Minister and political rival Benny Gantz in a televised address to show a high degree of unity in Israel in pushing back against the Hamas terrorist group.

According to reports, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas continued to fire 55 rockets into Israel on Friday (May 14) in an indiscriminate attack on the population.

Israeli Major General Ori Gordin told reporters in an online news conference that the Hamas militant group has fired some 3,000 rockets into Israel since May 10.

Earlier the Israeli military said that Israeli forces have begun a dual air and ground operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip to clear the Hamas underground tunnels under civilian areas.

It is reported that the Israeli Air Force continued to launch heavy airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on May 14. The Israeli Defense Ministry tweeted that 160 Israeli aircraft, tanks, artillery and infantry were deployed on the Gaza border with the goal of paralyzing the Hamas military tunnels built under residential areas in all directions.