Breaking News: Michigan Election Attorney’s Office Broken Into, Press Conference Venue Canceled

The Gateway Pundit reported on May 16 that Matthew DePerno is the courageous attorney representing Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in the Antrim County, Michigan, election case.

For months, Erik Grill, the attorney for Michigan’s dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, has been pushing hard to dismiss the case, according to 100 Percent Fed Up, a U.S. media outlet.

DePerno has been threatened several times for exposing the general election in Michigan’s Ann County. On Friday evening, De Peno’s attorney’s office was broken into.

De Peno planned to schedule a press conference on Monday to prepare to throw out the heavyweight discovery. However, instead, they received a call from a VA representative saying that De Peno could not use their venue for the press conference because they had received threats from someone or some group.

DePerno promised to find a venue for the press conference and “100 Percent Fed Up” will cover DePerno’s press conference at noon Monday.

The Gateway Pundit thinks Matt DePerno must have crossed the line, otherwise why would the left be trying so hard to shut him down? First, it was the dishonest secretary of state and several anonymous sources who threatened him in hopes of getting him to close the case. Now, his office is being broken into and certain groups are threatening to shut down his press conferences.