The Long March 5 fell out of order and Liu Ruishao analyzed the “ghost” phenomenon within the Chinese Communist Party

China’s Long March 5 crashed out of control into the waters near the Maldives in the Indian Ocean earlier this month, after the Chinese Communist Party’s Political and Legal Committee uploaded a picture on its microblog to insinuate that the epidemic in India was out of control, and Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, made a rare criticism of the Committee’s approach. The senior Hong Kong commentator Liu Ruishao analyzed this series of events, bringing out the chaos of raising “ghosts” within the Chinese Communist Party and releasing them to become “ghosts fighting ghosts”.

After the launch of the Long March 5B launch vehicle on April 29, some foreign media said that the core section of the second rocket “lost control” and deviated from the orbit, and the wreckage will probably return to the atmosphere and fall to Earth. Subsequently, according to the coordinates released by the Chinese Manned Space Engineering Office, it was speculated that the rocket’s wreckage crashed into the Indian Ocean west of the Maldives. However, Space-Track, a monitoring website that uses U.S. military data, said on Twitter that the rocket’s wreckage fell in the Indian Ocean north of the Maldives.

There are different speculations about the crash of the Long March 5 into the Earth, and Liu Ruishao, a senior commentator in Hong Kong who is familiar with China affairs, said there is no lack of traces of paradox in many recent incidents.

On the eve of the Long March 5 crash, the official Sina Weibo account of the Chinese Communist Party’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission, China Chang’an, uploaded a picture on May 1, showing China’s launch of the Long March 8 launch vehicle on the left and the burning of the body of a dead Chinese communist virus in India on the right. The picture is accompanied by the text “China ignites vs India ignites”, which is suspected to imply the tragic situation of the epidemic in India. The posting sparked great controversy and was deleted on the same day.

The posting was deleted on the same day. The Long March 5B, the rocket that caused global concern when it veered out of control, was the subject of a “Chinese ignition” mocked by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee of Political Science and Law in India. (Photo source: Weibo)

Many Chinese netizens also believe that the CPC’s Politics and Law Commission is unethical, but rarely, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, also criticized the practice, saying that official accounts should raise the humanitarian flag and must exercise restraint when publishing the above graphic. Liu Ruishao said, “After he spoke there were many friends who supported him, he said this, but also experienced that he is sensible and has a humane side, at the same time, does what he said represent the central government?” What’s even stranger is that “after he criticized the Political and Legal Affairs Commission for trolling the epidemic in India, surprisingly there are many online in addition to the same criticism of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, there are also a lot of netizens who turn around and criticize Hu Xijin.”

Liu Ruishao thinks this incident is clear to see: “There is a large number of and a lot of, you say is a small pink or 50 cents or, at least in the number of and criticism of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission is about the same number.”

Liu Ruishao and put forward a question, “because if we look at the detailed some more, I do not have a certainty, but I hope that we look for themselves, the Central Committee of Political and Legal Affairs to make out the photo of the rising rocket is the Long March 5.” So there are voices in the private sector that say, “Look at the rise of the Long March 5 to mock India, and the result is that the Long March 5 crashed. Here also brings out the second problem, I also will not from a superstitious point of view ‘the sky to punish you, so you fall’.”

Liu Ruishao then raised a question – the reason for the loss of control of the Long March 5, he asked some experts on this issue, experts believe that if the Long March 5 is in a natural situation through the atmosphere to fall to earth, China definitely has the ability to track it: “Look at every satellite recovery, there are spacemen in the big empty warehouse, whether China is very accurate to track it to the Inner Mongolia prairie, without an hour It doesn’t take an hour to find it. But this time the wreckage of the Long March 5 is in an abnormal situation, somehow it will be detached, if it is a normal rocket to space is going to separate, and then the second stage ignition to go again, then the wreckage of the first stage will fall, which is completely controllable.”

But the Chinese Communist Party officials previously did not dare to say where it would fall. Liu Ruishao said: “Whatever official must be cautious, because I do not know where it will fall. As well as the netizens also did not now fall at sea, confirming the safety of human life, so out of the attitude is different, the original part of the netizen’s statement is to see the results after he used that moment to express, this is the characteristics of the Chinese online.”

Liu Ruishao said from the criticism of the CPC Political and Legal Committee, that is, the number of netizens criticizing Hu Xijin and supporting the Political and Legal Committee is equal, as well as the Long March 5 runaway incident, we see a lot of political manipulation behind a cultural phenomenon, that is, we see that there are some “ghosts” inside the Chinese Communist Party, these “ghosts The “ghosts” are the 50 cents party, the 10 cents party, and even the phenomenon of “ghosts fighting ghosts”: “Because you indulge those ghosts, and you can’t control those ghosts, follow you can’t subdue those ghosts, now Hu Xijin speaks some remarks that everyone thinks are right, they all go to scold, and scold That reporter.”

He said that the cycle of ghosts brings up the question of whether the ghosts can be subdued after they are released and become out of control “ghosts fighting ghosts”.

Liu Ruishao said: “The same platform, why in foreign countries there will be a mechanism for the people to participate, or a way to relatively restrain the official those who do ghosts, while China often appear some chaos. The same platform Internet, there is official manipulation, follow the release of ghosts, and can not control the ghost, there is such a political factor when this is not a cultural phenomenon, but a political and cultural phenomenon.”