Israeli Prime Minister: Israeli forces destroyed 1,500 targets in the Gaza Strip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a press conference that the Israeli army has destroyed 1,500 targets in the Gaza Strip in recent days, dealing a serious blow to the Hamas organization’s infrastructure.

He stated, “Our counter-terrorism operations continue in full swing. We will force the Hamas organization to pay a very high price for its aggression. In recent days, Israeli forces have destroyed more than 1,500 targets.”

The Palestinian-Israeli situation deteriorated sharply on the night of May 10, when Palestinian forces and the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip began exchanging fire. According to the latest Israeli news, militants in the Gaza Strip have fired some 3,100 rockets in the direction of Israel, of which 1,210 were intercepted, killing 10 Israelis and seriously injuring some 50. Israel, for its part, destroyed multiple Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets, killing militants, including several senior field commanders. The death toll from Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip rose to 192 .