Gates involuntarily resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors, rumored to be in a scandal with a female employee, and the board decided he should go!

The Wall Street Journal cited sources as reporting that Microsoft directors made a decision in 2020 that Gates would have to leave the board while they investigated rumors that billionaire Bill Gates had inappropriate dealings with a female Microsoft employee.

Microsoft board members hired a law firm in late 2019 to investigate a letter sent by a Microsoft engineer who alleged a sexual relationship with Gates over the years.

During the investigation, some directors concluded that Gates was no longer fit to serve as a director of the software company he founded. Gates resigned before the board completed its investigation.

A Gates spokeswoman said “there was an affair that ended peacefully almost 20 years ago. She said Gates’ “decision to leave the board had absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, he expressed an interest in spending more time on a philanthropic endeavor that he started several years ago.

Gates resigned as a director of Microsoft on March 13, 2020, just three months before his re-election. He also resigned the same day from his position as a director of Pocahontas, which is run by Warren Buffett, the “God of Stock”.

According to sources, Microsoft board members learned in late 2019 that the female engineer had sent a letter accusing Gates of asking for a job change and giving details of her dealings with the two. Microsoft directors were concerned that Gates and the female engineer had an inappropriate relationship, and they did not want Microsoft to be embarrassed while the “#MeToo” campaign against sexual assault and harassment was in full swing.

The female employee is rumored to have asked Melinda, Gates’ wife at the time, to read her letter as well. But it is not known if Melinda read the letter and what her reaction was.