Chinese American driver robbed at gunpoint, screaming “from Taiwan” to save his life

A New York Lyft driver from Taiwan was suspected to have been subjected to hate violence on the 10th of this month, when he was robbed at gunpoint and told to “go back to China”. The driver said at gunpoint that he was from Taiwan and was able to save his life.

The 67-year-old driver Paul Liao was stopped at a gas station in South El Monte on the night of the 10th when a man with a gun broke into the back seat of his car and used a gun to scare and attempt to rob him. The criminals took away the driver’s body 1,560 U.S. dollars (the same below, about 12,110 Hong Kong dollars) cash and cell phones, two times with a pistol to hit the driver’s face, the whole process was captured by the car’s car recorder. The bandits tried unsuccessfully to take the car and fled, while Paul Liao was slightly injured and bleeding from the nose.

Christine Ting, the driver’s relative, raised money on GoFundMe on the 14th to help the driver buy a new cell phone and raise money for medical and living expenses. By the 16th, more than 1,000 netizens had donated money, raising more than US$28,000 (about HK$21.7), far exceeding the original goal of US$3,000 (about HK$23,303).

Taiwan Central News Agency reported that Paul Liao believes that the incident and hate crimes have some connection, during the process, the assailants told him several times to “return to China”, if he did not always say from Taiwan rather than China, may have already died.

Christine Ting said that Paul Liao was in a critical situation when he was robbed, and people who had seen the video said that they saw the gunman’s fingers on the board, that is, he would shoot at any time. She said Paul Liao face swelling continued to pain, broken cartilage in the nose, has gone to the hospital for examination.