Israeli army : Your house is about to be bombed Resident : Front or back?

“Hey your house is going to be bombed.” “Will it be bombed in front or behind?” “That I don’t know…” the above conversation took place between the Israeli military and a Palestinian resident of Gaza on the 13th. It is reported that shortly after the Palestinian man was called and evacuated, his house was destroyed by an Israeli air strike; the Israeli army then issued a statement saying that the building housed the Hamas (حماس, Ḥamās) intelligence agency.

In the aftermath of the airstrike, the original occupants and businesses in the building waded through the rubble, trying to find some items that were still usable.

Over the past few days, serious armed conflict has broken out between Israel and Palestine. The Palestinian health department in Gaza announced on the 14th, the Israeli army continued air strikes and shelling, has caused 109 deaths and more than 6 hundred people injured; on the other hand, the Israeli army announced that Hamas fired nearly 2,000 rockets into the territory of the State of Israel, causing 8 deaths and more than 1 hundred people injured on their side.

According to the latest report of the Israeli media “Jerusalem Post”, since the 10th, more than 90% of the attacks on Hamas targets through air strikes, and has successfully killed a number of senior Hamas commanders, a total of 60 targets, and destroyed a number of high-rise buildings, including residential buildings.

In the face of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate, British Airways (British Airways), Virgin Atlantic Airways (Virgin Atlantic), Spain’s Iberia (Iberia) and Germany’s Lufthansa (Lufthansa) and other airlines have canceled flights to Tel Aviv, Israel.

British Airways said the safety of passengers and employees as a priority, will continue to monitor the local situation, Virgin Atlantic said it is evaluating whether to operate a flight to Tel Aviv on the evening of the 14th; Spanish airlines have cancelled flights from Madrid to Tel Aviv on the 14th and return flights on the 15th; Lufthansa said it will suspend flights to Tel Aviv until the 14th.

The day before, a number of U.S. airlines, including United Airlines (United Airlines) and Delta Air Lines (Delta Air Lines) have canceled flights to Tel Aviv.