New crown local confirmations spread to the capital, nearly 200 close contacts

Following a local outbreak of 2019 coronavirus disease (CCP virus, COVID-19) in China’s Anhui Province on the 13th, the Beijing CDC announced yesterday that 28 close contacts and 167 close contacts with close contacts of Anhui cases were determined to be in Beijing; a total of 195 people.

In addition to Beijing, close contacts of confirmed Anhui cases have also been found in Enshi, Hubei and Rizhao, Shandong.

The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (BCDC) issued a reminder yesterday that after receiving a message from the Anhui Provincial CDC on the 13th to 14th of the confirmed case, it immediately launched a response mechanism, and after epidemiological investigation, it has determined that there are 28 close contacts in Beijing among the relevant people such as fellow travellers of the train the confirmed case was travelling on and the drivers of the net car travelling in Beijing; the people who have close contact with the close contacts (sub Close contacts), on the other hand, numbered 167, for a total of 195 people.

The Beijing CDC said that after nucleic acid testing, 24 of the close contacts, 141 indirect contacts and 231 environmental samples were negative so far, and testing of other samples is still in progress.