Large investment institutions sell technology stocks to transfer positions retail investors to buy into the receiver?

The recent performance of technology stocks has been hit by rising inflation expectations, and star analyst Tom Lee expects small-cap stocks and the stocks that were hit the hardest in the epidemic, such as airline stocks and hotel stocks, to rebound from the bottom.

Interestingly, the current low absorption of technology stocks investors, seems to be dominated by same-day fresh speculators and other individual investors, rather than hedge funds or other institutional investors. According to Vanda Research, retail investors buy an average of $300 million a day in technology stocks and related exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Meanwhile, JPMorgan Chase’s hedge fund clients are adding to their bets on growth stocks to fall and increasing their holdings of value stocks such as banks.

The sump led U.S. stocks to rebound last Thursday and Friday, with the S&P narrowing its full-week decline to 1.39%, but still the largest one-week decline in three months. The Federal Reserve Board will release the minutes of the last interest rate meeting this week, the content is expected to change little, but because the last meeting was held, has not yet announced the local April Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 4.2% year-on-year, but also did not announce the same month of non-agricultural job growth and market expectations of only one quarter, the market is afraid that it is difficult to find the authorities’ assessment of the latest inflation and job market situation.

In fact, although the Federal Reserve has repeatedly stressed the temporary nature of inflation, but the “new debt king” Gonzales believes that people have reason to worry about inflation, and questioned the Federal Reserve’s claim, Wharton School professor Siegel more warned that if the United States continues to supply money at the current rate, inflation may easily reach 20% in the next two or three years.

In addition to the minutes of the meeting, a number of retailers this week, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot (Home Depot) and Target announced results, also worthy of attention.