Jack Ma’s “Lakeside University” fears complete end of the main gate monument was razed

Recently, a video of the stone monument at the entrance of “Lakeside University” being flattened has been making the rounds online. Since Jack Ma was interviewed by the regulatory authorities at the end of last year and the suspension of Ant Group, there have been repeated rumors of “Lakeside University closing down”, and “Lakeside University” has stopped enrolling students, and the first year of classes that started in March 2021 has stopped teaching, but Lakeside University has never responded. Netizen analysis, “Lakeside University” stone monument was razed, signaling the complete end of Lakeside University.

According to the Financial Times, the “Lakeside University” founded by Jack Ma has stopped enrolling students, and the first year of classes that started in March 2021 has stopped teaching.

Recently, foreign media quoted sources as saying that authorities are concerned that Ma is expanding his influence through Lakeside University, so they have called off enrollment for the new semester. Some senior Communist Party officials allegedly believe that Lakeside University is a modern version of the “Donglin Academy”.

However, some netizens have shared that the official website of Lakeside University has been renamed Lakeside. The official microblog of Lakeside University has been renamed Lakeside Creative Research Center.

The video released by netizens shows that at the entrance of Lakeside University, workers are working, melting the stone with a gas torch, and the words “Lakeside University” carved on the boulder are completely flattened.

Netizens issued an exclamation: “Buddha told us that all the material benefits of earthly enjoyment, glory and wealth, the seven emotions and six desires, are like a dream bubble, passing clouds of smoke. When founding Lakeside University, Jack Ma said Alibaba to live 102 years old, Lakeside University to run 300 years, the sound is still in the ears, a sigh of relief. Ma Yun single-handedly founded the University of Lakeside called a halt, covering thousands of acres, four big words erased. Leave this photo.”

According to the official website of Lakeside University, Lakeside was founded by Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, Shao Xiaofeng nine entrepreneurs and famous scholars.

Comments from netizens.

“‘Lakeside University’ sounds very poetic, but not very auspicious, just as Ma Yun himself, always mixed with the powerful all day long, as the saying goes: old in the lake bam, that there is no wet shoes. Gently I left, as I came gently; did not take away a cloud … All are floating clouds, I am Ma Yun.”

“Lakeside University became ‘Hu-run University’?

“China’s private universities are still few? Small junior high private schools noble schools like cattle, OK. The University of Lakeside is Ma Yun’s dock, the students are some mid-level company entrepreneurs, these people come to this named learning is actually to get acquainted with Ma Yun as the center of the Ali system network. Now Ma Yun lost power, was stigmatized, he this central node are gone, Lakeside University is not up, continue to engage will not have the students dare to come.”

“In a few days, the city head to change the flag of the king? Lakeside University go history, leaving a relic what harm? The party state is really idle.”

“Lakeside University is actually an aristocratic club, the Communist Party will let a consortium that holds a part of the economic interests organized to run a club? Ma Yun is faint-headed! This is the mob mentality at work.”

“Lakeside University disappeared in the gas welding, but the stone will not.”