Support the Federation held a “do not forget June 4” long run CaiYaoChang refers to the march, candlelight vigil is discussing with the police

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASDC) held its annual “June 4” run on Sunday morning.

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of the Union held its annual “Don’t Forget June 4” run on Sunday morning (16), the secretary of the Alliance, Tsoi Yiu-cheong, described the work of the Alliance as “doing a day to day” and insisted on the run in order to sustain the belief that Hong Kong people commemorate the Tiananmen Square incident on June 4. The case began on Monday (17), and he said he was psychologically prepared to be remanded in custody to mourn June 4 in the remand home. As for the march at the end of May and the “June 4 candlelight vigil” next month, Tsai said he was discussing arrangements with the police. (By Chen Junhao)

Tsai Yiu-cheong and three members of the Standing Committee of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China started the march at the South Pavilion of Victoria Park, passing by the former Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch, the site of the old Ta Kung Pao newspaper, the Taikoo Bridge of the University of Hong Kong, and then running to the “Pillar of National Mourning” on the platform of the Wong Hak-kee Building of the University of Hong Kong. After a break in Hong Kong, they ran to the Western Police Station and finished at the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government. The start point, the Western District Police Station and the Liaison Office were guarded by uniformed and plainclothes police officers, during which police officers questioned Tsai Yiu-cheong.

Tsai said to the media, Thursday (20) and next Tuesday (25) will be discussed with the police on May 30 June 4 march and next month’s “June 4 candlelight vigil” arrangements, urged the police to ask the police to respect the right of Hong Kong people to demonstrate and assemble. For the past two years, the police have refused to grant a notice of no objection to the march and candlelight vigil on the grounds of the epidemic, and the details of the march and candlelight vigil cannot be assessed at this time.

Cai Yaochang called on the public to mourn June 4 in their own way. (Photo by Cheung Chin Ho)

“National Security Law oppression”, Hong Kong’s political situation has taken a sharp turn for the worse, this year’s June 4 run or the last year held, Tsai Yiu-cheong responded that “now facing a very real political environment, we really have to do a day to day, even if I myself can be in their own environment, mourning June 4 I also do not know, so I can We will continue to work, we will continue”, Tsoi Yiu-cheong believes that no matter how much difficulty and obstruction we face, the work of the Alliance will continue. He also said that he would continue his beliefs by “mourning the 4 June incident” and “not forgetting the 4 June incident” together with the people of Hong Kong at a firm pace.

On May 16, 1989, students in Beijing went on a hunger strike to “oppose the government” (i.e. the speculators who bought and sold from the official background in the 1980s), “fight corruption” and pursue social democracy and freedom. Three days later, the students began a water protest against the government, led by then Communist Party patriarch Deng Xiaoping, for its complete disregard of the students’ demands.