This is a war that can only be won and not lost

Recently, the U.S. Senate has introduced, considered and advanced a number of China-related bills, and lawmakers from both parties have called for a complete strategy to increase U.S. strength to compete with Beijing on all fronts. Some Republican lawmakers have written that the U.S. must not ignore the threat posed by China to the U.S.; Rubio, a member of the Republican Party, has even exclaimed, “Losing this competition would be the shame of the century waiting for the United States.

If the United States loses the war between China and the United States, be it political, economic or military, it will not be a matter of shame for the United States, but rather the world will be ravaged by a tyrannical China, and the whole world will be governed according to the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, with no freedom for the people, no elections, no human rights, and the elimination of minority cultures. The leaders will be sacrosanct, disrespect for them will be a mortal sin, and all this will become the common way of life of mankind, the “community of human destiny” as Xi Jinping calls it.

In World War II, Germany, Japan, and Italy promoted fascism by military occupation, and Europe, Asia, and even Africa were all under his iron heel, and if the United States had not entered the war, the world might have been a fascist world, and the United States played a decisive role in World War II. Today’s Chinese Communist Party has kidnapped 1.4 billion people, and its power exceeds the sum of Japan, Germany and Italy. The power has been directly equal to that of the United States, and even surpassed it in some aspects.

Not long ago, a former senior U.S. diplomat and China expert, Fu Limin, published an article in the East Asia Journal, “Washington is playing a race against China that it is bound to lose. Although he used the word “game” instead of “war,” the actual wording is different, but the meaning is the same. As a result of the “trade war” with China, he said, the United States has lost about 245,000 jobs, reduced GDP by about $320 billion, and the average American household pays $1,277 more per year for consumer goods. He may be right in listing these figures, but is it that the U.S. should not compete with China for these benefits? Is it that the U.S. does not want the spirit of its founding, that the U.S. does not want its moral responsibility to the world, that it is going to lose anyway and the U.S. just surrenders meekly? According to Fu Limin, the United States should cooperate with China and not resist China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, but benefit from the opportunities therein. Fu’s article was immediately republished in all the major media outlets of the Chinese Communist Party. Since the Americans themselves have said that this is a war that the United States is bound to lose, how can China not fight it? The number of panda huggers like Fu Limin who are pro-China and sell out the United States far exceeds the number of hawkish China experts who are worried about the United States and advocate changing the original appeasement policy toward China. This in itself shows how dangerous the U.S. situation is in a war between China and the United States.

The war between the United States and China is actually a war of national defense for the United States, a war of economic, technological, educational, and institutional defense. The United States as China’s number one enemy this point the Communist Party leaders have never changed, the difference only lies in sometimes is “hiding the light”, sometimes is “sword and shadow”, now is simply the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea “bright sword “The. The U.S. counterattack is forced, not counterattack the United States is finished. If according to Fu Limin that “China’s warships are not patrolling the U.S. coast”, if China’s warships have the ability to patrol the U.S. coast, it is already under the United States is finished. The good thing is that both parties in the United States are not confused and have recognized the strategic intentions of the Chinese Communist Party and have begun to develop a strategic plan to counter it.

The possibility of a “hot war” cannot be ruled out. For the sake of life, a hot war should be avoided to the maximum extent possible. But whether it is a cold war or a hot war, the U.S. can only win, not lose. If the U.S. loses, the world will be handed over to Communist China, and the disaster of China for more than half a century will become a disaster for the world.