Where the poor man

The Third World has reached out to the “rich countries” – i.e., with the exception of China, the current white hegemony and former imperialist countries such as Britain and the United States – for vaccines.

It didn’t matter. But the UN Secretary General and the head of the WHO from Ethiopia, Tandezai, is being nasty and uncouth, claiming that the so-called rich countries have a “moral responsibility” to share vaccines with the poor countries.

Jokes. Gates and Jukeberg, the richest Americans. The streets of Los Angeles, California are full of street sleepers. Gates and Jukebox have no moral responsibility to open their mansions, let the street sleepers and the poor in California come in and share their food and wine, or open their clips and share their cash.

If you want to share a little wealth, it’s not impossible, but you have to “go through the process”. For example, the poor can join the intellectuals of the academy, connect the mainstream media and the Black Lives Matter organizations together, and once every four years, in the elections, the Black Lives Matter people will take the lead and start riots in dozens of cities, while the civil left gum will keep the public opinion and ideas, and send Biden and He Jinli to the White House, then announce a huge tax increase and print money to hand out, and then we can realize the American style of socialism and sharing of love. This is called the rules of the game.

But even if Biden and He Jinli, who is of Indian descent, see India demanding vaccines, the immediate reaction is to play with their hands and wring their heads and call India over the Lord.

Third world countries need to be vaccinated, otherwise it affects international dealings. But some Western intellectuals are brewing a post-epidemic “Great Reset” theory of the international order. This will require a complete reckoning of the third world’s post-war list of independent corrupt “Failed States” (Failed States) that are unable to take charge of their own affairs.

Starting with the “Non-Aligned Movement” group of countries whose tails were first raised after the war, interspersed with the cannibalistic President Amin, the former Cambodia – a country that is now a vassal of China and is doing well economically – and South Africa after Mandela. -After Mandela, South Africa, South Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, the real political scholars, economists, anthropologists, tell us clearly: the Spaniards brought smallpox to South America, the Puritans massacred Indians in North America, Australia took over the indigenous territories, etc., along with the Third World’s constant clamoring for compensation, sit down, by the leaders of Western countries, ignoring the United Nations, and tell them. With a vial of vaccine in hand, he tells these Losers: “You’ve had enough scoundrels and failures for many years, and it’s your business to be shameless. We are born white and have no original sin; you are a colored person, but don’t pretend to be an angel. The vaccine is in our hands, that is, on the side of the white Western civilization that you are jealous and resentful and keep voting with your feet to pour in your children’s property. We have decided: from today onwards, the world will be divided into classes and boundaries from the beginning, and vaccines can be sold to you either as a gift or at a discount, according to your pain index and rating of usual national character, on the condition that Damn you, accept our Reset.”

Qian Zhongshu said it well: Where there is pity, there is hatred.