Japan, U.S. and France may become the usual joint exercise to control the Chinese Communist Party to seize the island

Japanese media pointed out that the future may be in the French army every year when the Joan of Arc operation, fixed rehearsal of Japan, the United States and France ground forces to jointly seize the island. The picture shows Japanese, American and French troops training together. (Photo / Surface Mobile Corps Facebook)

Japan’s Land Self-Defense Force, the U.S. Marine Corps and the French Army held a joint exercise in Kyushu from May 11 to 17, the “Sankei Shimbun” pointed out that Japan can learn a lot from the U.S. and French forces with extensive experience in actual combat, the future may take advantage of the French Army’s annual voyage training, the joint exercise of the three ground forces as its regular course.

Due to the possibility of thunderstorms in the area, the original plan for the troops to launch a complete air assault from the sea was cancelled, about 100 members of the Land Surface Mobile Corps, 60 U.S. Marines and 60 French Army officers and soldiers, beforehand, arrived by helicopter at the Land Kirishima exercise site in southern Kyushu, and simulated a raid on the airport about 2 km away; in the exercise, the U.S. Army and the Land Self is responsible for clearing mines, barbed wire and other obstacles, and ensure the security of the attack area, while the French forces are responsible for the main indoor sweeping tasks.

SDF officials pointed out that in addition to the U.S. forces involved in years of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, the French forces also have a wealth of experience in town warfare due to frequent counter-terrorism missions, allowing the Japanese side to benefit greatly. The French Lieutenant Colonel Maggio also stressed his country’s role as a territorial and Indo-Pacific “party” in the Pacific, saying he was pleased to increase understanding with the U.S. and Japan.

Senior journalist Shoji Hanzawa pointed out that when Japan planned the exercise, it was originally planned that the three countries’ troops would actually practice on an uninhabited island to create a more dramatic effect, but in consideration of the integrity of the town’s warfare training facilities, it was finally chosen for the Misty Island exercise site to ensure the effectiveness of the training. In the future, the real island may be used for the exercise.

According to the Sankei Shimbun, since the French army conducts the annual “Mission Jeanne d’Arc”, which often uses Japan as one of its stops, future ground force exercises may be included in the regular curriculum of the operation to enhance combat capabilities and serve as a to keep the Chinese Communist Party in check.