Wang Feng’s family appeared in the Netflix restaurant Zhang Ziyi and the little apple inseparable

Recently, a netizen released a dynamic, said he was in Chengdu a net red restaurant, happened to meet Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng with children dining.

In the picture, Wang Feng is wearing a jacket and a hat, walking in front with his head down, followed by a man and a woman, and then Zhang Ziyi who is wearing a white dress and a hat.

It is inferred from the back that Zhang Ziyi and her stepdaughter, Little Apple (Wang Manxi), are holding the wake-up call together, and behind them there is a woman carrying a backpack, who should be responsible for taking care of the wake-up call’s nanny.

It is reported that although the little apple is not born by Zhang Ziyi, but the two have a very good relationship, before there are netizens posted a photo of a chance encounter with Zhang Ziyi and her daughter little apple on the streets of Chengdu, the picture of the two arm in arm shopping, very close.

In addition, Little Apple also played the piano for Zhang Ziyi to celebrate her birthday, causing a lot of discussion, and Wang Feng’s ex-wife Ge Ao-jie issued an article to choke back that “as much as my daughter as your flow… but I saw their eyes… But I saw their eyes … The article “I love you,” sparked controversy.