Israel makes a desperate move! Hamas has suffered heavy losses! Netizen: rat hole throwing marezi – Israeli forces pretend to attack on the ground, Hamas was tricked into the tunnels: hundreds of drilling bombs suddenly blew down the tunnels

This time the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israel has demonstrated four classic advanced tactics, 1 is the Iron Dome anti-rocket system, whether the range of a few kilometers of earth rockets, or range of 200 kilometers of high-grade goods heavy rockets, whether single shot, or saturation strikes, can maintain 90% interception accuracy. The 2nd is, the ability of the Israeli air force and drones to hit rockets, 72 hours, destroying 600 Hamas military targets. The 3rd is, is the impressive Israeli targeted killings of dozens of Hamas commanders.

The fourth, which happened on May 14, was where Israel’s deception tactics played a major role. Notice how, on the night of May 14, Hamas suddenly went mute and stopped firing large numbers of rockets at Israeli targets.

In the early morning hours of May 14, the Israeli army suddenly announced to the media that Israeli ground forces were launching an offensive into the Gaza Strip. And Israeli tank artillery had really started shelling Hamas targets in Gaza. At the same time, Israel also said that more than 9,000 Israeli reservists have been mobilized and will take part in the battle. All signs, all signs are pointing to a major Israeli army attack on Gaza. Large numbers of Israeli ground troops will storm Gaza to search and destroy Hamas rockets and other military targets. At this time, all of the Israeli media is sounding the alarm that the Israeli army is invading Gaza and that a massive ground war is about to begin.

At this time, a large number of Hamas began to readjust by storing large numbers of rockets and rocket launchers in tunnels to hide from Israeli ground forces. Since the massive Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2009, Hamas has changed its tactics and started digging a large number of tunnels to Israel. Hamas has also moved many rocket launchers and warehouses underground to avoid Israeli air strikes.

Hamas has dug dozens of tunnels in Gaza and interconnected them. These tunnels conceal Hamas rocket manufacturing sites, equipment repair sites, rocket firing sites, command and control centers, and more. The tunnels are very strong and equipped with electricity, communications equipment and ventilation systems. Israel discovered and located the Hamas tunnels through seismic sensors that monitored underground vibrations.

After Hamas hid in the tunnels out of fear of a massive Israeli Army attack on Gaza.

The media reported that Israeli warplanes suddenly deployed 160 warplanes and bombed the tunnels in Gaza for 40 minutes with high intensity, drilling bombs, missiles and precision-guided bombs, a total of 450 bombs that brought down a large number of tunnels in Gaza.

Sources said that the Hamas soldiers hiding in the tunnels and the rockets and other weapons lost a lot of money. Because of the large number of collapsed tunnels, it is not yet known how many Hamas dead and how many rockets and munitions were crushed in the tunnels. The only thing that is clear is that there was essentially no military activity by Hamas in Gaza during the night of May 14.

And the massive Israeli ground offensive that the Israeli military said was going to happen simply did not happen. It was really a decoy operation to lure Hamas forces and rockets into the tunnels by publicly declaring that Israeli forces were going to launch a ground attack. The final siege of the tunnels by 160 Israeli warplanes, and the lack of action by ground forces, was simply a tactical fraud operation.

To deceive Hamas rocket forces into the tunnels in one pot, gathered together so as to bomb ah! All distributed and hidden in residential areas, the Israeli army is difficult to do. They would have to notify the neighborhoods one by one. It would be more efficient to trick them directly into the tunnels for annihilation. And can follow the Hamas armed and rockets hidden into the tunnel, it is unlikely that there are civilians.

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