Yu Maochun: Xi Jinping is a believer in Marxist-Leninist theory and is deeply poisoned

In an interview on Friday, May 14, Mr. Yu Maochun, chief China advisor to former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, said that the main reason why Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping abandoned Deng Xiaoping’s foreign policy of “hiding the light” is because Xi is a believer in Marxist-Leninist theory and is deeply intoxicated, which is why he lacks He lacked a “realistic vision”.

Yu Maochun said this in an interview with Fang Fei, host of New Tang Dynasty TV’s “Hot Topics Interactive” program. Fang asked Yu, “Why do you think Xi Jinping has abandoned Deng Xiaoping’s foreign strategy of hiding his light and keeping quiet? Is it more about him personally, or is it a factor of the Communist Party as a whole?”

Yu Maochun replied that Xi Jinping is a CCP leader with very deep theoretical poisoning and strong ideology, and he looks at issues from the perspective of Marxist-Leninist theory …… He rarely has this kind of realistic vision. He said that one important element of Leninist theory is that “the socialist system is superior” and “the Communist Party is invincible”. He said, “So, you see that when Xi Jinping came to power, it is this so-called superiority of the system that he emphasizes the most.”

Yu Maochun analyzed that it is because Xi Jinping feels that the socialist system is “superior” and can “centralize power to do great things” and “believes that China’s authoritarian and centralized system is better than the Western democratic and liberal system. “As a result, Xi Jinping has developed “very arrogant ideas” and “thinks he can do a lot of big things. “And this is precisely (Xi Jinping’s) Marxist-Leninist ideology at work, which is ideological theoretical poisoning.”

According to Yu, because Xi has this kind of thinking, he emphasizes things that are “self-deceiving,” and this brings about his judgment of the international situation, which in many cases is unrealistic. He said, “Because he (Xi Jinping) feels that capitalist society, the United States, is rotting day by day, just like Lenin said, is a decaying, degenerate political system, that’s why he proposed the so-called east rise and west fall.”

“And with this great leap forward of their heads in it, the Chinese people have already suffered many losses …… This actually not only harmed himself, but also more harmed the people of the whole country, and to some extent the whole world.” Yu Maochun said.

Yu Maochun pointed out that although China has made great progress in recent years in terms of national defense, economy, science and technology, but in general, the gap between China and some advanced countries in the world is still large. He argued that even if the truth is so, the CCP’s propaganda and its control over information has a great impact on the Chinese people’s ability to judge values.

He said that the cover-up of the truth is a very effective way for the CCP to maintain power, and it is done “with perfection. But once people have a freer environment with all kinds of information flow, they will understand and “see things completely differently.