What Divorce Taught Bill Gates: Billionaires, Be Careful When Making Friends

After ruling out all the conspiracy theories, Gates’ involvement with Epstein is not surprising.

In addition to the more than $130 billion in assets to be divided, new details about Bill Gates’ divorce case have been revealed after a week of discussion. A former employee of the Gates Foundation recently revealed to foreign media that Melinda Gates has been concerned about her husband’s involvement with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The former employee said that Melinda’s concerns about Gates’ dealings with Epstein date back as far as 2013, when they met with Epstein. Although Melinda expressed her dissatisfaction with Epstein at the time, Bill Gates chose to continue to stay in touch with him.

Epstein was once one of the most famous American billionaires and a notorious sex offender – twice imprisoned for sex crimes. The association with Epstein shattered the perception of Bill Gates as a philanthropist and may have been the spark that broke up his marriage.

Divorce case involved in sexual assault?

Bill Gates and Epstein got involved, which can be far more difficult to accept than divorce.

The famous American financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted “sex offender” born in 1953 who was arrested twice for sex crimes against minors in 2008 and 2019, has become one of the most talked-about billionaires in the United States in the past two years because of his mysterious private island and bizarre death. One of the

After founding Epstein Investments in 1988, he began to build close ties with Wall Street’s financial moguls, and had close relationships with former U.S. Presidents Clinton and Trump, British royalty Prince Andrew, famous actor Kevin Spacey and other dignitaries. He has been closely associated with two former U.S. Presidents Clinton and Trump, British royalty Prince Andrew and famous actor Kevin Spacey.

After the Epstein case, many celebrities were involved.

Will the founder of Microsoft be pulled down by the constant revelations in the divorce case? If you look at the past of these celebrities, you have to say that Gates’ reputation is worried. Among them, Prince Andrew has been indefinitely suspended from the royal family because of sexual assault allegations. Kevin Spacey, on the other hand, has not been able to make a comeback after being fired from House of Cards in an emergency because of the “social death” of the minor sexual abuse scandal.

In fact, Gates was already implicated in the Epstein case two years ago.

Epstein is very good at dealing with celebrities and has been called a modern-day “Gatsby” because of his frequent gatherings with these big names at his private mansion and island.

In 2019, Epstein was indicted in New York for allegedly organizing the sex trade of underage girls for the purpose of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit human trafficking of underage women. His crime sites were primarily a private mansion in Manhattan, said to be the largest in New York, and a private island in the Caribbean. The island became known as “Pedophile Island” after the case was revealed.

In 2006, Epstein was arrested and charged with prostitution, sexual relations with a minor and one count of sexual harassment involving 40 women. But Epstein was eventually acquitted, causing much controversy.

So when Epstein was arrested again on suspicion of sex crimes and finally convicted, people began to examine his dating relationships with celebrities in the broader context of ME TOO. Numerous dignitaries and celebrities were controversial for their association with Epstein. It was also the year that Bill Gates was first revealed by the media to have had multiple relationships with Epstein.

Photo of Bill Gates and Epstein together

Epstein was found dead in a lower Manhattan jail shortly after his arrest, making it the most talked about celebrity death in the United States in recent years. Shortly after his death in prison, Epstein was found dead by a court of law to have committed suicide, but his defense attorney and brother both refused to acknowledge this claim, and there were many controversies surrounding his autopsy and the circumstances of his death scene.

There are many conspiracy theories about Epstein’s death on social media in the United States. Among the many conspiracy theories, one that has been widely circulated is that the Clintons had a strong connection. It should be especially emphasized that none of the many conspiracy theories about Epstein have been proven in court, and none of the aforementioned celebrity politicians, including Bill Gates, have been prosecuted despite the controversy.

What is confirmed, however, is that Bill Gates’ association with Epstein over the years did contribute to the differences in his marriage to Melinda, although it may not have been the primary reason for their divorce.

Years of association, charity or friendship?

Bill Gates once dated Epstein so closely that it became a major point of contention on Gates later and may have contributed to the breakup of his marriage.

The New York Times reported in 2019 that Bill Gates had met Epstein several times and had spent the night at his private residence (aka a major place where the aforementioned sex trade took place).

The report said that Bill Gates began meeting with Epstein in 2011 and met at least three times at his private mansion, staying late into the night on one of those occasions. There are also conspiracy theories about Gates and Epstein’s relationship, as rumors previously suggested that Bill Gates flew to Epstein’s “pedophile island” 17 times, but a Reuters report later dismissed that claim based on actual flight records.

But according to media reports, after his first meeting with Epstein in 2011, Bill Gates emailed a colleague and said, “While his lifestyle doesn’t work for me, his lifestyle is very different and fascinating.”

This email became the evidence for many people to accuse Gates, when Gates’ spokeswoman Ms. Arnold explained to the media that the “fascinating” in the above email referred to the unique decoration of Epstein’s mansion and the habit of introducing acquaintances to Gates by “self acquaintance”.

In 2019, when Bill Gates was embroiled in controversy over Epstein, Arnold explained to the media that she regretted that Gates and Epstein had met, but only to discuss philanthropy. Gates himself also told the media that he had no business relationship or friendship with Epstein.

But as the founder of the world’s largest philanthropic organization, Gates does have a reason to establish a relationship with Epstein after excluding conspiracy theory speculation. In fact, Bill Gates has maintained good relations with many well-known American tycoons.

The most widely known of these is his friendship with Warren Buffett, which has lasted for three decades since they first met in 1991. Like-mindedness in philanthropy is a major factor in their becoming unforgettable friends, and both Buffett and the Gateses have made similar statements that they will donate most of their fortune after death.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

In fact, philanthropy may indeed be an important factor in the intersection of Gates and Epstein.

According to the New York Times, in addition to Gates himself, employees of the Gates Foundation visited Epstein’s residence several times when the Gates Foundation was working with JPMorgan Chase to create a global health investment fund with the goal of funding health technology in low-income countries, and Epstein wanted to be included in the discussions. Epstein was an important client of JPMorgan Chase, with a multimillion-dollar account at the bank, the report said.

But the involvement with Epstein does conflict greatly with the values of the Gates Foundation, which has been advocating for improving the well-being of young girls. And Epstein had been jailed and registered as a sex offender for committing sexual crimes against underage girls before he and Gates first met (in 2008).

According to the New York Times, some Gates Foundation employees were concerned at the time that associating with Epstein would damage the foundation’s reputation. Epstein had complained to an acquaintance in late 2014 that Gates had stopped talking to him, according to a person familiar with the matter.

But contact between the two sides was never severed, and at least two senior Gates Foundation executives were in touch with Epstein until late 2017, according to a former foundation employee.

But Arnold, a spokesman for Gates, told the press that the foundation was unaware of any such contact: “As time passed and Gates and his team realized that Epstein’s abilities and ideas were not legitimate, all contact with Epstein was severed.”

A 27-year marriage that actually broke up long ago?

Before the divorce was disclosed last week, many people did not expect the couple, who had been married for 27 years, to divorce. But the latest revelations show that Bill Gates and Melinda’s marriage has actually been at odds for a long time, with Melinda having contacted divorce lawyers two years ago to divorce the longtime world’s richest man.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Melinda had been in contact with several law firms in 2019, saying her marriage to Bill Gates was “irretrievably broken” and that she had begun discussing the specifics of a divorce. Melinda also mentioned some of the struggles in her marriage in her 2019 book, The Moment of Lift.

Melinda says that with the world-renowned Bill Gates, it is difficult for her voice to be heard by others. For example, the Gates Foundation releases an annual letter signed by the couple, which is actually usually written by Gates alone.

Before marrying Bill Gates, Melinda was the general manager of information products at Microsoft. after marrying in 1994, Melinda returned to family life while focusing on philanthropy, founding the Gates Foundation with Gates and becoming one of the world’s most famous philanthropists.

The Bill and Melinda Gates as a young couple

But after 27 years of marriage and raising three children together, it was inevitable that Gates and Melinda’s marriage would come to an end. The divorce papers filed by the Gateses on May 3 show that their divorce was negotiated during last year’s new crown epidemic, and that both hired very lavish legal teams and mediators for wealth distribution because of the huge sums involved.

In a May 4 divorce statement, Gates and Melinda wrote in a joint open letter

After much thought and much work on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage. Over the past 27 years, we have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that spans the world, enabling all people to live healthy, productive lives. We continue to have the same belief in this mission and will continue our joint efforts for the foundation, but we no longer believe we can continue on as a couple. As we begin our new life together, we are asking for space and privacy for our family.

According to sources, the reason they delayed announcing their divorce until recently was to wait for their youngest daughter to reach adulthood and successfully achieve high school graduation, not wanting to interfere with her studies. And the reason for the May 4 announcement was to avoid the May 2 Warren Buffett shareholder meeting and to avoid causing additional distress to the old friend.

At the end of this marriage, they still maintained the last decency and friendliness.