The epidemic spread to Shenyang, Shengjing Hospital closed, people panic

On May 15, the epidemic continued to escalate in Liaoning Province, and the epidemic has spread to Shenyang. The Chinese Communist Party officially informed that there were four new confirmed local cases in Liaoning Province that day, including one case in Shenyang and three cases in Yingkou. The Shengjing Hospital in Shenyang, where the confirmed cases were reported, was immediately closed and overnight nucleic acid testing was conducted on the night of the 14th. Local people have expressed concern about the outbreak.

According to local media in Shenyang, there was one new confirmed case of indigenous New Crown Pneumonia in Shenyang between 00:00 and 19:00 on May 15. The confirmed case is a retired employee of the logistics department of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University, who usually works in a separate office in the fitness center on the negative floor of the Shengjing Hospital’s Gliding Campus. Had on May 3 with a total of 12 family members together in three cars to drive to the Spanish mackerel circle travel, May 5, driving back to Shen.

In addition, May 15, Yingkou appeared three confirmed cases and five cases of infection are related to the photography base. It is reported that the two confirmed cases were mainly concentrated in a studio photography base in Yingkou, where training was conducted throughout the day and they were in close contact.

The video released by netizens shows that Shengjing Hospital in Shenyang, where confirmed cases have been seen, has been closed, and all staff and patients were subjected to full nucleic acid testing overnight.

And in Yingkou City Mackerel Circle District, a number of neighborhoods closed, and overnight nucleic acid testing.

Comments from local netizens.

“I’m a whole lot of people now cracked, according to the content of the briefing, Shenyang, this confirmed patient’s activity trajectory to my daily activities range a pot.”

“I am really speechless. Winter Shenyang epidemic and her husband can not return to Shenyang for New Year, not two days Shijiazhuang closed the city trapped Shijiazhuang for a month, it was easy to restore everything to normal, happy to return to Shenyang to prepare for the wedding, countdown to 6 days, friends and friends have bought a good ticket to come, nima Shenyang and who messed with who, how to have Shenyang again. We two are toxic, I really angry sleep, please control it as soon as possible!”

“I see my circle of friends have May Day to go to the Spanish mackerel circle also did not isolate ah ……”

“Really do not want to become a risk area again and delay things. “

“This confirmed diagnosis of people hanging around my unit for so many days!!! I wear a mask when I go out, but I don’t wear one when I eat out with in the office!!! I’m so panicked.”

“The most desperate in life is that the beginning of the year Harbin epidemic I went to Harbin, these days the Shenyang epidemic, May Day I went to Shenyang.”