Hong Kong’s first director of national security was investigated in a massage scandal, and the police admitted it was true and avoided discussing details of the case.

Last year, the establishment of the Hong Kong Police Force National Security Division scandal, the first Commissioner Choi Chin-pang earlier patronizing unlicensed massage parlors, met with fellow police force “pornography” check license, was caught on the spot. Hong Kong Police Commissioner Deng Bingqiang 12 confirmed that Choi Chin Pang involved in misconduct was investigated, but refused to account for the details of the case, only that Choi Chin Pang is on leave, so far did not receive Choi’s resignation application, and said he would not resign because of the matter.

Due to widespread media coverage, Police Commissioner Deng Bingqiang met with the media outside the police headquarters in Wanchai on Wednesday evening (12). He admitted that the Director of the National Security Division Choi Chin-pang is on leave to accept the investigation, the case is being taken over by the Organized Crime and Triad Investigation Division, but the details are not disclosed: “Now the colleague involved in the case is temporarily on leave, he will not perform the work, I reiterate that once our police attach great importance to the professional conduct of our colleagues, any allegations of impropriety, we will investigate in accordance with established mechanisms. “

At the press conference, Deng Bingqiang has not responded positively to the investigation of the police officer is who, only that the investigation is in progress inconvenient to disclose, until the end of the press conference, he replied affirmatively that the police officer being investigated for Choi Chin Pang.

For the news that Cai Zhanpeng suspected of patronizing unlicensed massage parlors, Deng Bingqiang in reporters pressed by the details of the case, including the time and place of the incident, only that the media reports and the direction of the investigation coincide: “I believe the media has been widely reported, the report is also the direction of our investigation, I confirm that we are investigating is Mr. Cai Zhanpeng. “

Some reporters asked, the regulations provide that the massage parlors are licensed by the Commissioner of Police, and the incident was announced by reporters only after a month, the Police Department has endured the incident, and the police officer patronizing unlicensed massage parlors are involved in sex services?

Deng Bingqiang denied that there is a concealment of the incident, arguing that as Cai’s boss will certainly be fair and impartial to make the investigation, but whether he needs to resign from accountability, Deng Bingqiang responded that it will not: “As for the occurrence of this incident whether I resign, it is possible that many people want me to resign, because I think I think I am just to deal with national security orders to no such space. I am not going to give these people have this opportunity, I will handle it impartially, I will be fair and just investigation of the incident, if I have any deficiencies in this matter, I will assume everything according to our regulations.”

He also said that so far did not receive the resignation of Choi Chin-pang, I believe that the work of the National Security Division is not affected.

Democratic Party Chairman Luo Jianxi on the police force to deal with this case is very disappointed, because the police force senior suspected of breaking the law, the situation is serious, but the police have been concealed without accounting to the public, until the media uncovered was forced to open the incident: “police usually few things have taken the initiative to open a high-profile record move, this time was uncovered to speak first, whether the discipline to be lenient, treat people with strict, the public see very clearly. “

Luo Jianxi also criticized Deng Bingqiang claimed to be open and honest, but refused to explain the details of the incident, and even Choi Chin-pang suspected of violating what regulations are not open. The police are not helping to clear up the public’s doubts by avoiding giving an account.

The 50-year-old Tsoi Chin-pang is the “star of tomorrow” of the Hong Kong Police Force, once regarded as a popular candidate for the successor to the Commissioner of Police, was awarded the Hong Kong Police Medal of Excellence by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor last year, and again in February this year, the Chief Executive issued a certificate of public service, saying that his “maintenance of national security “This time it was the National Security Division of the Hong Kong Police Force that made the most significant contribution.

This time is the Hong Kong Police National Security Division on July 1, 2020 was established less than a year, the first time a senior involved in a scandal incident, but also the police force senior uncovered in recent years a major scandal. And earlier this year, the United States announced sanctions against six Chinese and Hong Kong officials, of which Tsoi Chin-pang was one.