Liaoning outbreak 9 areas listed at risk expert team to support

Another outbreak of the Chinese communist virus in Liaoning province has been classified as a medium risk area in nine places. The picture shows local people undergoing nucleic acid testing. (Screenshot from CCTV video)

The outbreak of the Chinese communist virus (New Coronary Pneumonia) in China’s Liaoning Province has broken out again, with Yingkou City reporting two new confirmed cases and three asymptomatic cases of infection on the evening of the 14th. Party media said, at present, Liaoning Province has selected a flow transfer team of 30 experts to support Yingkou.

On the evening of May 14, Jin Li, deputy mayor of Yingkou, Liaoning Province, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic that between 00:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. that day, there were two new confirmed local cases in Yingkou, a 30-year-old woman, Li X Xin, and a 28-year-old man, Li X Shuai.

The other three new local asymptomatic cases include a 30-year-old woman Guo X Yue, a 41-year-old woman Chen X Qiu and a 28-year-old woman Sun X Ying, all of whom are employees of the Golden Childhood Photography Base and were close contacts of the previously confirmed cases of Li X Ting and Lv X in Liu’an, Anhui Province.

The five people have been transferred to the third hospital in Yingkou for further treatment.

Yingkou Mayor Xu Guiqing said in an interview that the two confirmed cases were mainly concentrated in a studio photography base in Yingkou, where training was conducted throughout the day and they were in close contact. From the confirmed cases announced research and judgment, it is possible that the chain of the epidemic will be longer, so the relevant mechanism was activated.

Yingkou City will expand the verification and control, the local will focus on the confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected people of the close contacts, sub-close contacts of a comprehensive investigation, the launch of universal testing, and increase the isolation control efforts.

In addition, according to the regional distribution of existing cases and risk level criteria, the local area has been classified as a medium-risk area in nine places, including Yangdian Village in Chentu Town, Gaili City, Yicheng Community in Xiongyue Town, Heping Community, Zhanqian Community, Beiguan Community, Happiness Community, Shengli Village, Lihua Village and Liming Village in Mackerel District.

The Chinese Communist Party media said that at present, Liaoning Province has selected a flow investigation team of 30 experts to support Yingkou, and a total of 102 people are working overnight with local flow investigators in Yingkou City. Full nucleic acid testing is being carried out in the Mackerel circle district and is expected to be completed for all nearly 500,000 people on May 14.

Another outbreak of CCP virus in Liaoning Province, 9 places have been listed as medium risk areas. The picture shows local people undergoing nucleic acid testing. (Screenshot from CCTV video)

On the same day that Liaoning Province reported the new outbreak, Hefei, Anhui Province reported at a press conference that as of early that morning, two new confirmed cases of the CCP virus were reported in Feixi County, Hefei City. Currently, there are five new confirmed cases in Anhui.

One of them, 27-year-old Li Moumou, an employee of a group in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, mainly engaged in photography marketing training, arrived in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, from Lanzhou and Beijing since April 26, and visited five cities in three provinces in 18 days.

During this period Li so-and-so and 31-year-old Lv stayed in the same hotel in Anhui Province, Li so-and-so in the local morbidity.

On May 13, Li and Lv were transferred to a designated hospital in Hefei for isolation and treatment.

Zhang, 29, used to listen to classes during the training and dined with Li.

Local then launched full nucleic acid testing, and closed management of eight key neighborhoods, the highway also implemented traffic control. The city of Hefei also launched an emergency plan to delineate the control area, the implementation of closed management, the suspension of mass gathering activities.

According to the media, from 14 onwards, the risk level of the epidemic was adjusted to medium risk in Zhedong Trade City in Jin’an District of Lu’an City and Bacchuan Mingting Community in Yu’an District, while the low risk level in other areas of the two districts remained unchanged; the Jin Yun International Commercial and Residential Building in Satellite Community in Shangpai Town, Feixi County of Hefei City was adjusted to medium risk area.

Currently, a total of 12 areas in Anhui and Liaoning are classified as medium risk. The CPC National Health Commission sent a team of experts to Anhui to guide the epidemiological investigation and traceability, nucleic acid testing, community prevention and control, and hospital prevention and control.

In addition, Beijing Xicheng District, on the 14th, was also notified by the Liuan City CDC that three members of a family in the district were contacts of the confirmed patient in Liuan City.

As the Chinese Communist Party is used to concealing epidemics, many people believe that the epidemic may not be able to be concealed across China. The Communist Party’s media has emphasized that the confirmed patient, Li Moumou, has traveled to three provinces and five cities in the past 18 days, either to pave the way for a national outbreak.

Epidemic prevention personnel in Anhui province are spraying disinfectant.

On the eve of May 1, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the CDC, warned at a press conference on April 29 that a mutated strain of Indian virus had been detected in some Chinese cities.

“During the May Day holiday, a total of 267 million people traveled throughout China, averaging more than 53.47 million per day, a 122 percent increase over the same period last year.

After May 1, the Chinese Communist Party’s Xinhua News Agency reported on May 7 that the CDC recommended that the public should observe themselves for 14 days after returning from a trip, and that they should seek medical attention and inform their doctors of their travel history if they develop suspicious symptoms.

On May 8, the CCP’s Health and Welfare Commission also said that the current epidemic prevention and control situation remains serious and complex, with the risk of an epidemic rising and the risk of a mutated strain being introduced into China not to be ignored.

On May 9, the party media published a speech by Li Keqiang at a meeting of the State Council’s Independent Commission Against Corruption, in which he said that localities should “release information in a factual and transparent manner, curb epidemics in key areas, and improve normalized prevention and control mechanisms.

From Li Keqiang, the Health and Welfare Commission to the Chinese Communist Party media, all seem to be coincidentally forecasting a new round of rising epidemics.

According to the host, this should be the official assessment that the epidemic may not be covered up, so they are making public opinion padding in advance and preparing to put the blame on foreign countries, while Li Keqiang himself is shifting the black pot of faking the epidemic back to Xi Jinping and various local governments.

Tang Hao said, “In fact, we know from special authoritative channels that the three northeastern provinces, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, where the epidemic resumed a while ago, still have the epidemic up to now, only that officials are covering it up. Moreover, people are still dying every day in China until now because of the epidemic. So, please, friends all over China, you must not take it lightly.”