Starting to look for help? Modi has turned to US and Russia for help, Indian military top brass have left for the US

The situation may be changing! India, which has been making a lot of moves lately, has suddenly started asking for help from the US and Russia.

It has to be admitted that India has recently experienced an “eventful” cycle of events. First, the epidemic has spiralled out of control, bringing the cumulative number of diagnosed cases in India to 7.55 million, and it has been accompanied by a severe economic and social crisis. Currently, there have been several protests in India.

In addition, India’s “internal worries” continue to come, “external problems” also began to appear, rekindled the India-Pakistan conflict, the Indian army and militants frequent encounters are examples. Among them, in order to respond to tensions, India also deployed 200,000 Indian troops to Ladakh, to further escalate the confrontation.

Now, with winter approaching, India has to face 3 major challenges.

1, as the temperature drops, including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, India, most countries, will usher in the epidemic “recurring period”. By then, New Delhi will face more severe epidemic challenges.

2, as the out-of-control epidemic escalated again, India’s economic and social crisis will also intensify again.

You know, according to the IMF’s forecast, India’s GDP will be -10.3% this year, the highest negative economic growth value in the world. Not surprisingly, if this trend continues, the Indian economy is likely to collapse.

3, The most serious and overriding issue facing New Delhi today is how to ensure that the 200,000 Indian troops in Ladakh make it through the winter.

As early as two months ago, snow had already fallen in Ladakh, an area with an average altitude of 4,500 metres above sea level. Once the region is completely winter, the minimum temperature will reach about -40 degrees Celsius, rivers and lakes will be frozen, and then enter into a months-long “heavy snow period”.

But the problem is that New Delhi is already struggling to raise enough winter supplies in a short period of time, which is obviously much harder to do. To this end, in a last resort, Modi began to seek external help again, and the first to find the United States and Russia.

A few days ago, in India has been the United States procurement of armaments, winter supplies on the basis of New Delhi again to the United States emergency procurement of a number of plateau combat equipment, and started the United States and India between the “military logistics sharing” agreement, want to make the United States faster and more convenient to deliver this equipment.

In addition, in addition to the urgent procurement of armaments to the United States, including the Indian Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff Saini, the Indian Army’s senior personnel, has left for the United States, will start a four-day visit to the United States.

According to the Indian media, Saini and others went to the United States for three main purposes.

One, to advance the US-India arms sale process.

Second, to promote further U.S.-India military cooperation, such as the resumption of joint military exercises.

Third, to observe the U.S. military training, to understand the U.S. military readiness performance, and even to discuss with the U.S. side of the plateau combat tactics and attention. To put it simply, Saini’s visit to the United States, is to run to “learn from the experience” purpose.

Obviously, from the U.S. reaction, they will choose to continue to support New Delhi. Only, such help is to pay a small price, the White House estimates that this time again can earn a pot of gold.

But this is not the end, know that “eggs can not be put in one basket” Modi, in just to the United States for help, turned around and went to embrace Russia.

According to the Global Network reported, India’s deputy defense minister will visit Russia on the 19th, and with the Russian side on the multi-domain, multiple projects of cooperation for consultation, including the promotion of Russia in India mass production AK203 assault rifle matter.

You know, due to its own military industry is not perfect enough, India is famous for wanting to foreign procurement of armaments, and Russia is one of New Delhi’s largest arms sales to and from the country. It is reported that today’s Indian army uses weapons, 60% are from Russia.

Therefore, due to the large proportion of Russian-made weapons, the issue of how to repair and maintain this Russian-made equipment, as well as replacing spare parts, has been a challenge that New Delhi has struggled to get over. After all, we can’t just send the equipment to Russia for repair as soon as it goes wrong, or just discard it.

Of course, and India to the United States for help, New Delhi this is sent to the Deputy Minister of Defense, the level is not low. Therefore, when the Russian and Indian sides conduct consultations, presumably to avoid regardless of the mention of the Ladakh problem, or even the possibility of the Russian side, the same idea of buying plateau combat equipment.

How do you see it?

First, in the face of “all sides” of the situation, New Delhi is really uncomfortable, or else it would not “divide the army”, and at the same time to the United States and Russia for help.

After all, for the epidemic, the economy and border disputes and other issues, in India’s internal stability, it is difficult to solve any of them, and now these crises one after another, Modi obviously some “overwhelmed”. So, in the absence of a better solution, external recourse has become the only option for New Delhi.

It is worth noting that, in India to the United States and Russia for help before, in fact, New Delhi has been to the international parties for a round of help, and even with the United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, including a number of countries, signed a military logistics sharing agreement. Obviously, in order to give their own “courage”, Modi to India to find a lot of “helpers”.

Secondly, although on the surface, countries and India good friends, seemingly New Delhi “many people, many forces”. But we must pay attention to, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany and other countries to India’s release of goodwill, in fact, or established on the basis of interests.

Take the arms sale deal, the Indian army 60% of the equipment are from Russia, the Russian side will naturally give New Delhi face. Or, many countries and India signed a “military logistics sharing” agreement, in fact, is also in view of India’s stranglehold on the Indian Ocean geographical location, can give their warships, warplanes to provide landing point.

In the final analysis, the United States, Britain, France and Germany and India goodwill, mainly from New Delhi on the “wool”. After all, as a developed country, but also the United Nations “five permanent” one of the United States, Britain and France, in fact, the backbone is not willing to make friends with India.

It can be predicted, now Modi successively to the United States and Russia for help, India’s “pocketbook” is expected to dry up a lot.

Third, from New Delhi’s frequent external help, once again reflects the Indian army will not, will not easily retreat, and will continue to maintain the confrontation in Ladakh.

But then again, now New Delhi even if you want to retreat can not retreat, after all, so many winter supplies have been transported to the front one after another. Once all the withdrawal, although to some extent can avoid losses of personnel, but also face huge economic losses, Modi will face the opposition’s cross-examination and criticism.

But the question is, with Ladakh into winter, the temperature plummeted, shortage of food and water, cold supplies not in place of the Indian army, and what can they take to ensure that they can survive the winter? It must be borne in mind that not long ago there were already cases of Indian soldiers freezing to death.

We can only say that India is indeed “hard to get rid of”, but also worthy of vigilance. It can be expected that with the coming of winter, Modi will have more trouble.