Taiwan epidemic confirmed 180 cases in one day, double northern upgrade the alert to level 3

Taiwan’s new crown pneumonia confirmed, the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic in a single day exceeded 100 records! Taiwan’s Executive President Su Tseng-chang held an interim press conference on the morning of the 15th, Su pointed out, “As the virus has repeatedly mutated and spread faster, the number of new confirmations in a day is as high as 180 people, in order to protect all our compatriots and make faster and immediate norms for new conditions.”

Taipei City, the prime area, and New Taipei City, the most populous city, are on epidemic alert from May 15 to May 28, rising to Level 3, with immediate implementation in eight major industries and other venues starting at 4 p.m. Leisure and entertainment venues will be closed, religious bypasses will be halted, and campuses will be closed.

People in Shuangbei are advised to wear masks throughout their outings, avoid unnecessary movements or gatherings, limit family gatherings to five people indoors and ten people outdoors, and contact regular channels if they have health conditions.

However, Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong stressed, “It’s not a city closure! The most serious will only enter the human movement control, if it enters the fourth level (city closure), the current standard is more than 100 cases for seven consecutive days.” Taiwan’s 15th National Middle School Higher Secondary School Examination, there are more than 200,000 candidates for the examination, according to the response of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, the examination will still be held as usual. Despite the announcement that the epidemic has been raised to level 3 in both cities, Taiwan is still maintaining its normal work schedule; however, more than 50 universities and colleges in Taiwan have changed to remote classes.

For three consecutive days, there were double-digit confirmed cases in Taiwan, and why there was a steep increase of more than 100 people in one day. Chen Shizhong pointed out that the main reason is that the positive screening rate is high, originally 0.5 percent, now several screening stations in New Taipei City and Wanhua ranging from 3-10 percent, the region is at risk, in such a risk premise, to do the relevant prevention and blocking has been insufficient to raise the level of alert to control the epidemic.

According to the official website of Taiwan’s Disease Control Agency, as of midnight on the 14th, there were 1,290 confirmed cases and 12 deaths in Taiwan.