Indian variant of the virus confirmed doubled Johnson: fear of disrupting the British restart plan in June

The number of confirmed cases of the Indian variant of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has doubled in the United Kingdom recently. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the 14th that the spread of the Indian variant of the virus could delay and disrupt the restart plan of the United Kingdom, while announcing the acceleration of the second dose of vaccination for people over 50 years old and high-risk groups.

The comprehensive media report, the Indian variant of the virus has recently spread rapidly in the northwest of England and parts of London, the United Kingdom has identified 1,313 confirmed cases, compared to the number of confirmed cases last week 520 more than 1 times.

Johnson said that the Indian variant of the virus seems to be more infectious, but the amount of information available is still very small, it is not clear how strong the infectious power of the Indian variant of the virus, the Indian variant of the virus may seriously hamper the restart progress in the United Kingdom, it is difficult to reach the fourth phase of the plan in late June.

Johnson also announced a shortened interval between the first and second doses of the vaccine for people over 50 and vulnerable to infection, with the interval shortened from 12 weeks to 8 weeks, to combat the spread of the Indian variant virus in the UK.

Johnson said the decision to enter a new phase of unblocking in England next week will not change, but the public must remain absolutely cautious about the virus. Johnson concluded, however, that it is uncertain whether the embargo will be lifted further in June. According to the UK’s unsealing plan, it was expected to end the closure and relax the ban on social distance from June 21.