New report: Western green energy since Xinjiang forced labor

China has increased its persecution of Uighurs in Xinjiang in recent years, which is widely considered a genocide by the Western world.

The report notes that in addition to past revelations that forced labor in Xinjiang is used to produce “polysilicon,” the latest evidence shows that the Uyghurs are also forced to mine and process quartz, the most basic raw material in the solar panel supply chain.

The report further examines the role that China plays in the global solar industry. According to publicly available data from market research firm “Bernreuter Research,” China has a very high capacity for all kinds of solar panel modules, accounting for 71 to 97 percent of the world’s production, with Xinjiang alone producing nearly half of the world’s Xinjiang alone produces nearly half of the world’s solar-grade polysilicon, a staggering share.

The report concludes that, ironically, Xinjiang’s solar panel manufacturing companies are creating “green energy” for the Western world and the world through the consumption of cheap labor and carbon emissions, driven by the Chinese government.