Small Fortunes: DIY Healthy Snacks

1、Green tea

The easiest is to use black tea bags to make water + icing sugar \ honey \ white sugar (in short, let him sweet!) + a dried lemon slices (all major supermarkets are sold)

2, milk tea

Those outside with milk tea powder out of the very non-HD, the pressure does not contain milk. Black tea bags soak water, like tea flavor more bubble for a while, and then add the right amount of pure milk, melamine-free ~ and then add a spoonful of condensed milk, stir well, OK ~

3, that grandfather’s precious corn salad

Ingredients: corn to buy supermarket cans of sweet corn, celery grains, carrot grains (I do not like carrots), potato grains …… in short, their favorite vegetable grains

Method: In addition to corn kernels, all lili put in hot water blanching first ~ potatoes if you want to powder some longer, and then all lili in a large container, with Chubby salad dressing (other brands like) mix well ~ this method, you can make grandpa’s family set, want to do “four generations together set” can also be! Oh, save every time to eat not enjoyable!

4、Taro sweetheart

To use taro, glutinous rice flour, starch, sugar, to be more delicious also milk

Taro steamed, pressed into a puree ~ mixed with glutinous rice flour, milk, softness and hardness slightly shaped on it, so that there will be a crisp outside and soft inside the feeling ~

Then wrapped in thin starch fried until golden brown can be ~

This is easier than the sweet potato ~ ~

5, mashed potatoes

potatoes steamed, pressed into the mud, add milk, salt not too much milk Oh, too thin is not good!

Chicken juice, with chicken broth (that what Shixheng chicken soup), plus black pepper (this is very important! I think the chicken juice all rely on pepper to taste), boil hot, add water starch thickening, not too much starch, or too thick, and then poured on top of mashed potatoes ~ ~ bingo

PS: According to my taste and experience, when doing mashed potatoes, add cheese taste very good. Cheese supermarkets sell, 12 pieces of about 20, cheaper than KFC’s much.

You can also buy plum from the Chinese medicine store, add hawthorn, rock sugar together with a small fire for more than 1 hour, you can also add a little cinnamon, do out of the sour plum soup is good to go to the summer heat is also cheaper and safer than a certain fast.

6, honey pickled lemon

Cut the lemon into slices and put them in a jar (the jar must be washed clean and scalded once with hot water)
Pour honey on the lemon so that each piece is covered with honey (some people use white sugar, but not honey health)
Then seal it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for three or five days.
Sweet and sour and refreshing super delicious, beauty detoxification and weight loss

7、By the way, the New Orleans barbecue wings it

This is delicious but expensive, so I baked at home, each time baked more than 20, eating really cool!

Ingredients: chicken wings (wings, wings can be), New Orleans barbecue sauce (this is sold in Metro, a large packet of more than 20, I use more than 1 year)

Directions: Marinate the chicken wings in the sauce for 2 hours, not too much sauce, just coat the surface of the wings with the sauce.

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes and bake the wings at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Ready to eat! The taste does not lose grandpa’s!

8, weight loss has a good drink, homemade

Hawthorn, lemon slices, peel, chrysanthemum
Add water and boil, because the peel has a sweet taste, so do not put sugar, less heat 🙂
After boiling and straining the dregs, put it in the refrigerator to chill, usually drink as water
The taste is good, but also to fat and slimming! Oh!

9, chicken rice flower

Ingredients: chicken thigh meat (cut into small pieces), Knorr’s pesto frying powder / spicy frying powder, water starch, salt
practice: the frying powder, salt, water starch into a paste, thin some, the chicken put in the marinade for 2 hours
After marinated, before the frying pan covered with a layer of dry frying powder
hot oil into the pan (8 into the heat), fry for 3 minutes, do not take too long! control dry oil ~ ~ fragrant!

10, similar to water soluble C100 

The cause is a certain cold, and then I have the kind of small bottle of VC tablets, so eat a few tablets, while a large infusion of hot water. So the whim, throw a few VC tablets into the water, a few lemon flavored sugar, and then wait for it to dissolve. The result is a product that is very close in appearance and taste to the drink you bought.

Later, I calculated that a bottle of 100 VC tablets I bought was two yuan five RMB, a packet of fruit sugar is about two dollars, the price of hot water does not count …… of course, with hot water, the active ingredients of VC is estimated to destroy a lot, the specific effective content of how much, I do not know. This, in fact, is still an unintentional act of spoofing.

But I think that the VC content in the drink is real, after all, I did not do the experimental test myself. But the use of appropriate methods, like me directly with tablets plus cane sugar, flavoring, concoction of a bottle does contain VC drinks, the cost of …… a bottle of drinks sold 3, 4 fast thia. So ah ……

11, a homemade salad dressing

There are two methods.

One of the ingredients are: the kind of boxed very soft tofu in the grocery store, lemon juice, a spoonful of milk (or yogurt), a number of sugar, a little soy sauce
The way to do it is to first slop the tofu in water, salt in the water, in order to remove the fishy smell of tofu
Then, the above ingredients are all thrown into the juicer and blended, pouring out the salad dressing ~

There is another I have not tried, TX introduced
Ingredients are apples, onions, carrots, lemon juice, yogurt, soy sauce
Also stir all together

12, a homemade ice bully

Ingredients are two bananas, a bag of milk powder (nonfat full fat can be), a spoonful of cocoa powder (you can also use other, depending on what you want to taste it)

Stir the banana into a paste, and then sprinkled into the milk powder cocoa powder, put the lower layer of the refrigerator, 3 hours after taking out, and ice cream taste exactly the same ~ interested in trying to chant ~

13、French fries

above a TX is not said to fry out a little soft it, this method of frying out will not be soft
Cut the potato strips, wash away the starch and drain the water, and then put it in the freezer, freeze it for a few hours and so it hard, when the frying pan fried to golden brown can be
And you can cut a whole bunch of potatoes and freeze them, and then fry them when you want to eat them.
If you cut the potatoes into thin slices, freeze them and then fry them is potato chips, plus the seasoning and almost bought outside, but more test knife work
Add another sentence, if you want to fries less oil
In the freezer before the French fries in the pot for two minutes, fish up to control the water, let cool and then freeze
This is at home in a wonderful trick to see, other steps are the same ah, ha ha ha

14, a good way to do ice cream

Ingredients: what fruits you TX like to eat on what fruits
whipping cream (supermarkets sell boxes of light cream)
lemon juice, the corresponding fruit juice (like the taste of thick on the put)
Tools: blender
Practice: wash and cut the fruit into small pieces (seeds to seeds, skin to skin), Sheng good put in the freezer for more than three hours, frozen into a hard block. Take out and put the right amount in the blender, add a small amount of light cream (lemon juice and fruit juice can be put if you want, or not), start blending, too thick, put the cream, too thin, put the fruit (pay attention to “degree” wow), the best procedure is: you can use the ice cream scoop to scoop out into a ball is OK.

15, mashed potatoes

Cook the potatoes and press them into mash, add sliced cheese, milk, yogurt, salt and black pepper, the ratio depends on your taste, just don’t make it too thin. The cheese should be added while the mashed potatoes are hot, or heat the two in the microwave, mainly to let the cheese fully melted.
Cucumber, cucumber, carrots (copy water), corn kernels, ham, etc. are cut into small dice, ingredients are free to match, do not like it can not be added.
The above can be mixed well, although the trouble is a little, but absolutely both healthy and delicious.

16、Double-skinned milk

I didn’t know this until I arrived in Guangzhou, but the famous Wenyu cheese store in Beijing also sells it.
This double-skinned milk is creamy and smooth, but it’s a pain in the ass to make.
Here’s a simplified version – egg stew with fresh milk
Ingredients: (for one person) one egg, 150ml of pure milk, two spoons of sugar (for those who like sweetness, add more to taste)
Directions: Beat the egg in a bowl, add milk and sugar
steamer water to boil, bowl of high heat steam 8 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 2 minutes ~ ~

17, homemade chocolate

Ingredients: dark chocolate (must be no milk dark chocolate, even with dove), cream (with the light) the ratio is nothing fixed, like the milk taste more less chocolate more cream, and is like the nuts, can be hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, see what you like.
Practice: boil a pot of water, put the black chocolate and cream in a bowl, slowly melted over water (do not enter the water, of course, do not burn)
When the two melted, mix well and then put the nuts ~
Pour it out while it’s soft and make it into various shapes you want (I made it a rectangle for LG!) But he was very impressed ~ hehe)

18, horse milk grape

Add ice, like the sweet and then add some icing sugar, juicer into the juice, the most important touch is: squeeze the trip to add a rose petal or two inside
The effect is pleasing to the eye. Be sure to use a clear glass to drink with a rose fragrance.

19、Lao Gan Ma

You can buy some chili pepper pressed into crumbs, put it in a bowl, boil the oil, and then pour it into the bowl of chili pepper, which becomes chili oil.

If you want to eat shredded meat, fry the meat in the oil and pour it into the chili with the oil.

20、Egg fried buns

The steamed buns are sliced, about 1 cm thick, and then mixed with eggs and flour, the buns are wrapped in fried, fried golden brown and picked up, so crispy and fragrant.

When I was little, my father also fried this for me to eat, and later found a toast in a restaurant, is to use the bread slices (all two, triangular) dipped in egg mixture, fried until golden brown, topped with some condensed milk, fragrant and sweet!


A banana cut into several small pieces and put into the blender with milk, blending a few minutes, a banana shake success.
The taste is superb, not greasy, people who lose weight can add skim milk, calories are reduced a lot, but also to relieve cravings.

22、McDonald’s custard egg burger

Ingredients: burger bun (like sliced bread), an egg, a slice of cheese

Method: The most important step is to fry the eggs ~ eggs fried tender to use “water”! Put a little oil in the frying pan, beat the egg, sprinkle a little salt on the surface, add a small spoonful of water to the pan when the bottom is cooked and the top is raw (it will be sizzling and smoking at this point ~ don’t be afraid!) Cover the pan and turn down the heat, the water vapor will make the eggs cook! No need to turn over, you’ll have a tender omelette!

Put some ketchup on the bread bun, put fried egg and cheese, and turn in the microwave for 1 minute.

23、Sour plum soup

You can make sour plum soup with plum, hawthorn, licorice (not available) and appropriate amount of rock sugar, which is sour and sweet after chilling.

24, red beans and barley porridge

The effect is good, you can try, especially the modern people damp 90% heavier, can be adjusted, not all say medicine is better than food.

Generally noon to barley and red beans soak, a handful of each half, the afternoon after work to cook porridge, 45 minutes – 1 hour can be, the effect are in the soup, red beans and barley with some honey put the refrigerator ice, when the meal dessert to eat is also good, oh, do not add rice!


Thousand Island dressing with cooked potatoes and blanched corn, add some yogurt and vinegar, add some of your favorite vegetables and ham sausage, put in the refrigerator for an hour to marinate a marinade.

26、Pumpkin Pie

Pick the kind of sweet and glutinous pumpkin, pumpkin cut into pieces and mashed into a puree, then add some glutinous rice noodles (is the kind of dumplings), stir well, can be wrapped with condensed milk on the pot of steam, but also directly into the frying pan, you can also pinch the shape of their own.

27、Authentic Lao Gan Ma

The actual dried out and dried out chili pepper powder can be put into the pan to make it more fragrant.

The first thing you need to do is to put the dried chillies in the pan and fry them dry, so that they can be crushed, but pay attention to the table fried paste ha, this affects the appearance of the old dry mother later ha, as much as possible crushed points. The actual chili peppers will be crushed while they are hot, to the extent that you can buy them.

Ginger, garlic, onion, beef chopped (like seafood on the shrimp instead of beef, shrimp attention on the table chopped old ha), beef put some salt to put in the pot with oil to crisp it cooked (let it eat fragrant our usual fried sauce noodles which sauce meat like)

pepper and just rubbed chili pepper, ginger into a bowl head, and then the oil is hot (not boiling, is hot, personal estimates of temperature ha because too cold if the chili pepper will not be fragrant, pepper flavor will not come out too hot chili pepper to be made paste, I think you can try to hot as long as not paste on the line) – this is more critical ha, the oil is not too much (I think the oil is too long to become oil chili peppers) – this is more critical ha, the oil is not too much, just soak all the things on the line, the oil is too long

Wait a 2 minutes and then the temperature is colder Beef, onion, garlic, salt, MSG mixed into the cut on the good.

28、DIY spicy ribs shrimp

Ingredients: shrimp, ribs (small ribs are best), potatoes, sweet potatoes (that is, groundnuts), winter melon, mushrooms, green bamboo shoots, lotus root, fungus, (in fact, what you like to eat on what to add)

Ingredients: green onion, ginger, garlic, fragrant leaves, star anise, pepper, dried pepper, bell pepper, (I am spicy, not spicy students can put some), white sesame, peanut rice. Dry pot material, (I did not find dry pot material, so I used hot pot material instead)

First, the ribs over water, (you can add some ginger ah, wine ah to fishy), the water over the water dumped, replaced with clean water to cook, you can cook longer, I timed the cooking for about half an hour, so that the ribs soup is also there, hey not waste. After cooking, fish out for use.

When cooking ribs, you can cut the shrimp feet, beard ah what, from the back of a knife, in fact, with scissors soon, the deeper the better, easy to taste.

Cut potatoes, groundnuts, winter squash into strips, mushrooms into cubes, lotus root slices and some other vegetables for use.

Pour oil in the pot and fry ribs, shrimp, fried surface crispy on the line, (in fact, look at the color on the line), followed by fried potatoes, groundnut strips, fried on the line of golden brown. Peanut rice also fried.

With the oil in the pot, burst onion, ginger, garlic, dried chili pepper, bell pepper, sesame pepper and other materials, under the hot pot ingredients, I was using a small half, fried almost put ribs, and shrimp fried for a while, on the ribs and shrimp get out, the mushrooms ah lotus root ah fungus ah winter melon strips ah bamboo shoots ah put in fried fried fried, and then add some ribs soup or water to cook, the soup almost closed, put the potatoes and groundnut strips, stir-fry, add Chicken essence and sugar to taste, served to the bottom of the pot, and then the ribs and shrimp poured on top, sprinkled with cilantro and white sesame seeds out over it.

You can eat like a restaurant first and then shabu-shabu, we did not shabu-shabu, the old eat dry are held up to death. I did not grasp the amount, the result of a large pot, eat a day. At the same time and overestimate their own, do very spicy very spicy, become fat sausage mouth, anyway, is their own reference online + thinking about doing, not so much about. The taste is very good ~ ~ look very complicated, but in fact very simple, follow the steps on the good.

29、DIY Ice Fire Pineapple Bread

Buy a package of small pineapple bread, cut in half, preheat the oven, and then bake at 200 degrees for about 2 minutes to see the top of the bread a little yellow on it, do not bake too long, otherwise it will be very crispy and hard
By the way, the butter cut side of the freezer frozen, and then the hot little pineapple sandwiched up the cold butter, OVER ~

30、DIY black pepper beef burger

This to go to Metro to buy some materials: Lee Kum Kee black pepper sauce, frozen has been processed steak (I bought the triangle), burgers and lettuce, Holloman mayonnaise

Pan-fried steak with a little butter, half-cooked when the black pepper sauce, burgers grilled, put some lettuce, put fried steak, squeeze some mayonnaise

31、Cottage latte

2 packets of Maxwell, a cup of milk heated to a milk froth when rushed in, make a good coffee (must have milk froth ha, taste good) will drink can add some brandy into ……

32, homemade fruit shake

The previous students said a banana plus a cup of fresh milk with a blender to break up, pour out, is fragrant and sweet and icy banana shake, I add a few more.
I use a few pieces of watermelon with a glass of milk and a few ice cubes together to beat, that is, watermelon ice milk, delicious.
I also used an orange and a spoonful of honey with milk ice cubes to make an orange iced milk.
Just now at noon I used an apple and milk ice cubes together, and found that it is simply a match for all, which makes me happy not to eat fruit and drink milk!
Tonight I’m going to do it with pears and tomorrow I’m going to do it with cantaloupe!!! I bought a whole bag of assorted fruits at Carrefour!
I’m so hooked on making this that I’m making a cup every morning, noon and night to drink! It’s delicious.
Some students who like the taste a little thicker can also add a pile of ice cream in it together with broken.

33、Homemade KFC New Orleans Wings

Ingredients: 10 chicken wings, honey, soy sauce, salt, wine (red wine is also available), ginger, red dry chili, five spice powder, black pepper.

Directions: If you are using frozen chicken wings, please thaw them first. Place 10 fresh chicken wings in a microwaveable container. Add a small amount of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce is enough. Add the wine or red wine, about 2 tablespoons, mainly to remove the fishy smell of the wings. Add salt, a little ginger froth, a little chili pepper, a little five spice powder (generally available in supermarkets), and a little black pepper. Stir the chicken wings and the ingredients well to fully adhere to the ingredients.

Cover the chicken wings in the refrigerator freezer to marinate, preferably overnight (so be sure to prepare in advance, can not now eat now do. If you’re in a hurry, marinate for 2-3 hours to fully incorporate the flavor). Remove the wings from the marinade and apply honey (so that the color and flavor are right!) You can increase the amount of honey applied according to taste. Heat the honey-coated wings in the microwave oven on medium-high heat (usually 3 burners) for 11 minutes.


Suitable for winter with heating.

Ingredients: a small amount of leftover yogurt, a bag of milk, and a clean bowl.

Practice: the milk is slightly heated, 3, 40 degrees is good, I just put the bag of milk on the heater for a while in winter, warm is good. Then put the milk and yogurt together in a clean bowl and stir well. Finally, find a plate to cover the bowl and put the bowl on the heater for 24 hours, you will see the curdled yogurt, which tastes very good. With this, I seldom buy yogurt from outside, it feels like it’s all curds. The yogurt will keep for a long time in the refrigerator, but the longer it is made, the more sour it will be.

35、Irish Coffee

2 bars of iced coffee, a bag of plain milk, a little honey (must be good honey, thick kind). If you have a food processor, you can just put the ice and ingredients together and crush them. Then it’s done. And KFC a taste, it seems to be better than the bought, KFC’s one at all without wine.