Apple Daily will occupy a glorious page in the history of Hong Kong

Lin Cheng’s government announced the freezing of Lai Chi-ying’s personal account, and at the same time, Taiwan Apple Daily announced the cessation of publication of the paper-based daily newspaper, concentrating only on online news.

Although things are expected, but the news is still outrageous. The paper-based Taiwan Apple stopped printing, that was to concentrate resources, and the freezing of Lai Chi-ying’s account did not affect the operation of the Hong Kong Apple Daily.

The Chinese Communist Party will not have a bottom line on the point of transforming Hong Kong into a mainland city. What is done in the mainland will also be done in Hong Kong, only that Hong Kong will do it step by step, so that foreigners can slowly get used to it.

Freezing the account of Li Zhiying, of course, is not the final step, spicy tricks one after another, will eventually force Apple Daily to stand still, that is also to be prepared for the mind. Apple will struggle to the last day, which can be seen from the attitude of the newspaper’s top management declared to the staff a few days ago, they have tried their best, the good fight they have fought, they are still proud despite their defeat.

As an ordinary citizen, what can we do? There are at least a few things that the Chinese Communist Party can’t do to us yet.

The first is social media. Unless the social media are also bought by the Chinese Communist Party, there is still room for people to think freely in the vast and boundless world of the Internet.

We can still speak on the Internet, share our little by little thoughts with others, and criticize the ugly face of the CCP, and support all democratic and free thoughts and actions. It’s okay not to write a big article, just use your message to vent your emotions, take a stand, click a like, all are actions to uphold freedom of speech.

The Chinese Communist Party is suppressing the apples to bring down the fortress of democratic thought. The fortress is still there without the soldiers, they can still attack, put a few cold shots, make a wound on them, let him hurt a little, bleed a little, that is also good. Everyone who makes the CCP bleed a little bit will make him bleed out.

Secondly, we have to hold on to a little bit of light within ourselves, we have to be careful to take care of that righteousness within us, and we should not feel that there is no point in doing anything because the environment is worse, but we have to embrace our beliefs. Without the righteousness within each person, social justice will not exist, because justice is the convergence of the righteousness within each person. When a student died in vain in Chengdu, Sichuan, the people of Sichuan came forward to seek the truth. Because without justice, everyone is a victim. If mainlanders can speak out for justice, why should Hong Kong people give up?

Again, we have to keep the courage to lambaste the government. The national security law is hot, but the national security law does not stipulate that the Lam Cheng government cannot be criticized. Subversion of the Chinese Communist regime is a major crime, but there is still freedom to criticize the Lin Zheng government. Whatever we don’t like, we can call it out if we can, and criticize it if we can. Don’t think it’s useless to criticize Lin Zheng because there is a Chinese Communist Party behind him, because criticizing Lin Zheng is the same as criticizing the Chinese Communist Party.

Again, it is to take a non-cooperative attitude towards the Lin Zheng government. You can suppress me, why should I obey you? Can boycott, boycott, can not obey, not obey. We may not be able to do anything else, but it’s not illegal to not go to the polls.

In the end, we still have to hold the strongest faith in the future. This faith is that the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party is against basic human nature, against the well-being and will of Hong Kong people and even Chinese people, and it will definitely not last. Today the Chinese Communist Party seems to be very strong, but strength and weakness are transformed. Now that the democratic countries have awakened to the full siege of the CCP, and the internal and external conflicts on the mainland have crossed and intensified, the CCP will slowly dry up.

If a grain of wheat does not die, it is just a grain of wheat; if a grain of wheat dies, it will give birth to many grains of wheat. If the apple does not fall, it is just a media. If the apple falls, its spirit will be transformed into everyone’s heart, and everyone is an apple.

The Chinese Communist Party suppressed the apple, the freedom of press in Hong Kong died, foreign businessmen withdrew, and the vitality of Hong Kong was suffocated. Dictators always think they can control the world, but unfortunately the world is not shaped by them, the world is shaped by the majority of the world’s righteous people.

Recently there was a video on the internet that captured Xi Jinping visiting a certain place and a large group of pre-arranged people surrounded him. Xi Jinping asked, “What are you doing here? Someone said they were photographers and had come here to “pick the wind”, Xi Jinping was stunned, he did not know what “pick the wind” meant. The people are accompanying reporters, acting as extras. Xi Jinping does not even know how to collect folklore, no wonder Li Rui said he is only at the level of an elementary school student. What kind of future can China have in Xi Jinping’s hands, isn’t it conceivable? So, don’t imagine the CCP is too powerful, they are just digging their own graves.

We worry about the apple. As long as the apple exists, we will support it for one day, until it can’t support anymore, we will transplant the spirit of the apple into our hearts and let it take root there, we will let the apple live in our hearts and witness the tomorrow of Hong Kong with us.

History is written by the people, and in the future history, Lai Chi-ying and Apple Daily will occupy a glorious page, while Lam Cheng and the Chinese Communist Party will only have a dirty stroke.