Last year’s swimming lost wedding ring careless inibs today received “diving photos” silly: how to hide here

The wedding ring is a token of a couple’s lifelong agreement, and is usually worn on the hand all the time to symbolize the steadfastness of love. A man in Australia last Christmas, with his wife to the northern Norfolk Island (Norfolk Island) to visit relatives and vacation, but swimming in the sea accidentally lost his wedding ring, so he was quite anxious. Unexpectedly, after 5 months, a tourist found the ring on a small fish while diving, and then contacted him, so he was surprised and happy.

According to the Daily Star, Nathan (Nathan Reeves) took advantage of the Christmas holiday last year, and his wife Suzie (Suzie Quintal) went to Sydney about 1600 kilometers away from Norfolk Island (Norfolk Island) to visit his family, in addition to the local Emily Bay (Emily Bay) to play. The company’s first ever “The New York Times” was held at the University of New York in New York.

The company’s first ever “The New York Times” was held at the University of New York. (Photo/ Reprinted from pixabay)

The company’s first and foremost goal was to get the company’s products to the market. Susie said, “I know Nathan searched hard all over Emily Bay, but when he politely told me the bad news, I was really upset”.

After five months, Norfolk Island resident Susan Prior was snorkeling in the ocean when she accidentally saw a ring on a mullet (Mullet fish). The company’s first ever project was to develop a new product, the Mullet Fish, which is the first of its kind in the world.

▲Nathan swimming accidentally lost the ring, five months later it was found on a fish. (Photo/ Reprinted from “Norfolk Island Time” Facebook)

She was very worried about the burden on the fish. Susan pointed out that the only way to remove the ring is to first catch the mullet in a net, and then gently hands, “the fish looks good at the moment, but as it grows, the ring will be strangled into the body”.

Susan illustrated, “So we rode in a glass boat, first using a metal detector to track the ring, find the fish, then use the net to pick it up, and finally slowly separate it from the ring.”” After removing the ring, Susan remembered that she had heard that someone had lost their wedding ring last year, so she tumbled through Facebook to contact Susie and Nathan to inform them of the incident.

Nathan said he had no hope of getting the ring back, but accidentally received a message from Susan telling him that the important ring turned out to be on a small fish, so he was quite surprised and exclaimed, “Miracle! I can’t believe it!” Currently is quietly waiting for his ring from Norfolk Island sent to his hands.