Wuhan City 9 tornado after the real photo local users: as if the end of the world

At 20:39 on May 14, Wuhan Caidian District was suddenly hit by a 9-level tornado with a wind speed of 23.9 m/s, and a large number of houses were damaged and collapsed. Officials said that as of 4:30 on the 15th, 6 people died and 218 people were injured due to the disaster. Informed netizens disclosed that a total of 8 people were killed and 230 injured. Local netizens said it was like the end of the world.

According to local media reports, at 20:39 on May 14, Wuhan Caidian District, Wuhan Caiwei Mountain area, Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Junshan Area, a sudden 9 tornado, wind speed 23.9 m / s, part of the village bay houses damaged, a large number of trees broken, part of the shed collapsed. According to statistics, as of 4:30 on the 15th, 6 people died due to the disaster, 218 people were injured; 27 households and 85 houses collapsed, damaged 130 households and 400 houses, 2 tower cranes, temporary sheds 8000 square meters.

Local netizens described the scene of the incoming tornado.

“Good black people, I’m in Caidian District!!! Just now the wind is blowing, outside the whirring, my balcony stool were blown downstairs, I heard that many trees in the community were all blown off, my home glass was also broken by debris! Natural disasters are terrible ah ah ah ah ah! It’s just amazing!!!”

Other netizens shared photos of the large hailstorm.

The video posted by netizens shows that after the tornado, rows of sheds collapsed in a mess; cranes at construction sites were also blown over; hundreds of movable houses were instantly razed to the ground; rescuers tried to find survivors in the debris ravaged by the tornado; many trees were snapped off; some trees were blown down to branches; the roofs of some sheds that were also erected were all overturned.

The huge tornado swept across Wuhan’s Caidian district with the blown up items.

Comments from netizens.

“It should be said why such a big tornado happened in China? This year, several dust storms have occurred, like the Chengdu basin such air convection places, the last month hard let me enjoy a few blowing sea breeze, I said, is not the next step to tornadoes, just finished not two days, see … climate change, for the planet after the destruction of the birth of new species. Humans are just passing through. Just make it, greed it. Consume it.”

“Tornadoes are also too big, growing up in Wuhan feel really have not seen this time so, the recent extreme weather really, pray for peace.”

“actually in Wuhan will have tornadoes, the key or nine tornadoes! Eh, our Wuhan is really not easy, within just one week, suffered two extreme weather, we must pay attention to safety! I hope there is less extreme weather!”

“Wuhan weather station issued a warning during the day, thought it hadn’t come. At nine o’clock is shopping, suddenly thunder and wind, instantly nothing can be seen.”

“I live next to the Dongfeng elevated, last night is also an ambulance and fire truck one by one, yesterday the weather is really too outrageous.”

“Wuhan yesterday morning rainstorm, noon suddenly big sun almost put people hot death, the night and began to storm hail, but also tornadoes, Wuhan you really bully.”

“The most damage to the shed, that is injured mostly workers on the site? So painful ah!”

“Wuhan what happened, the rain flooding can be said to be the city drainage is not doing well, 9 tornadoes is what happened, and not by the sea four bread tightly inland city, where to scrape so windy.”

“Natural disasters are too relentless, not only tornadoes, now Wuhan is still under heavy rain, it is really not easy.”